Wednesday, May 05, 2010


drop by visitors...

a friend was inspired by having a cup of tea with a dear friend and decided to get out the "real" china during their visit. so, she got out her wedding registry china and they savored a wonderful cup of tea together. her story, and the fact that we were revamping the kitchen and ran across our china (still in the packaging, i might add) inspired me to get two cups and saucers out. so, here they are. sitting next to the coffee pot anticipating the next drop by so that we can actually use them!

after i sat them out - i got a little teary. don't know why really... well, seems like i am a lot teary lately. just living, you know how it is...

so, i got to thinking... i imagined God just waiting for us - having a fancy teacup and saucer just waiting for some time for us to sit down and visit. i've got that lump in my throat just typing it. see, i have these "things" that keep sneaking back in to my daily habits. things like being SHORT tempered with my kids, speaking to my husband in ways that i would NEVER speak to any of you, allowing my mind to focus on things that DO NOT MATTER.

so, here's the thing...

it goes back to ME.

and not being able to do IT by myself...

only HE can.

so, if i would, each morning, just sit down for a cup of tea with the One that made me... i know that my actions would change, that even my first reactions would be Godly.

now, why do we keep thinking WE can do it??? enjoy some tea/coffee time today, friends!


Sheryl said...

That was such a good post.

I know the times I sit with my LORD. Especially when I do more listening and less talking, it is wonderful.

He does wait for us to meet with Him.


kitzkazventure said...

awww, you are such a dear! I am so there with you and the tea and God thing. ALSO, would love to have some tea this week and discuss a little bid'ness. I like mine with cream and sugar...I'm kinda english that way! :)