Wednesday, April 28, 2010


yes, hello, SUN!

i think my mood has been altered by the LACK of sun that we have had. so, despite the fact that i am a little overwhelmed with the amount of work on my plate all of a sudden, despite the fact that my half bath downstairs smells LESS than desirable (something to do with a 3 year old having trouble aiming :o) and if anyone has a cure for this BESIDES ripping up the toilet and STARTING over, i would be much obliged), and despite the fact that i have NOT planned for dinner tonight... i think the boys and i are going to try to catch us some fish this afternoon after school. holey jeans and sweathshirt, here we come...

the thing is - that i have realized, that the busier my life becomes, the less quality time i am spending with my kids. yes, i am a stay at home mom, HOWEVER, that doesn't mean that i am the best at maximizing the time that we have. it DOES mean that i sometimes take it for granted and just squander it away... and that truly STINKS. so, i'm going to be intentional today to fill my kids up this afternoon with NOTHING but fun and love. if the weather is nice where you are, i invite you to do the same. the laundry will wait, those texts can wait, that email can wait, so will those dirty dishes. i promise!!!

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kitzkazventure said...

Well, golly gee girl! I had no idea I had so many posts to catch up go! Need to talk soon plus I want to show you the shirts! :)