Wednesday, October 08, 2008


Ok girls... have a few things for you right away...

1. does the music on the blog annoy you?
2. are you frustrated at the election comments, the non truths, the confusion? man, oh man!
3. you that have boys... is it natural to want to play with GUNS all the time??? FOR THE LOVE!
4. do you still love to get snail mail?

this is the reason i ask this question... man, we have had a GREAT time looking at this box OVER and OVER again. thank you DD and girls for such a fun box!!!

i also wanted to tell you (Mary Beth and DeeDee specifically) about my weekend. To make a long story short, Mary Beth and DeeDee introduced me to this blog...

(OK, for some reason I can't see the link... so if that's the case for you then go to the links on the right and it's Angie Smith's Blog.)

If you have not had the chance to read it, please do. It will take you awhile to get caught up, but this woman is amazing and even more so because she has a story to tell that is focused on giving God the glory - no matter what the situation. You see, this woman explained to 250+ ladies we need to realize that God is able to calm the storm (Matt 8:23 -27) regardless of if He does. We need to trust Him more than we want to be saved from the storm that we have going on in our lives right now. And girls, the storm that she is referring to for her life is no drizzle. It is a harsh storm of losing a sweet child shortly after welcoming her in to this world. She told of her ups and downs and her conversations with God in order to try and "figure" this out... to come to the realization that the silence has brought her to His voice. Isn't that what we all want - to be able to talk to Him about all things, to remember to call out to Him first, to not have the need to discuss it with anyone else. Just me and God figuring this thing out. I am so not there...

We also had the priviledge of listening to two other phenominal ladies speak. One who was in the care of Hospice and is now traveling to mission trips to spread the gospel!!! I don't know of anyone else that has this kind of testimony! The other, a woman who has trusted God to take her on a journey with Him that she had no plans of going on. On Saturday the theme seemed to be CHOSE JOY - it is a choice you know. And chose joy before you go through ANY more trials - that way, the choice is already made - you just have to keep to it (so much easier said that done, eh???). Also, we focused on the word "but" in scripture... There are so many times where there was something icky going on and it is followed by... BUT GOD. Man, does that sound familiar to you Muri? I think you know firsthand what that means! So, ladies - whatever is going on in your world right now - such as...

man, my hormones are getting the best of me and i can't seem to hold it all together, but God...
* is faithful
* is my strength
* is all knowing
* can give me peace
* can calm my mind
* is ever present
* is the God who can heal
* knows the BIG picture
* (DD - fill in my blanks here b/c I don't know if I will get it right...) can rescue me IN the storm, can rescue me FROM the storm, or can rescue me THROUGH the storm. and whichever way he choses is the way that is ordained by HIM!

the list could go on and on and on... thank you mary beth and DD for encouraging me to get there - it was such a great weekend!!!

okay, going to get back to living now :-). hehe! i so appreciate your comments and OH YEA - i guess i need to check out the calorie content on the candy corn b/c i am LOVING the apple flavored ones that a friend found at wal-mart. have you all tasted them??? man, oh, man!!!

one last thing...
questions i am currently getting from my son as i type...
* mom, were you and daddy kids or grown ups before i was born? ha!
* mom, before i was born, what did you call daddy???
my response - well, either "j" or "honey".
riley's response: mom, but you eat honey - you can't eat daddy.


have a great day all!


beth spray said...

i have been reading angie's blog for several months and she is amazing! i am glad you got to go hear her!! another one you would enjoy is if you haven't already read it. she has such an incredible gift for expressing God's grace!!
as for riley - priceless questions!! gotta love 'em and wonder what goes on in those sweet little heads sometimes!!

The Barfield's said...

"deep thoughts by mel uhls". very good job putting words to thoughts that just go thru my head but don't seem to make it anywhere else. as for riles.....i miss knowing that boy. if you do decide in the affirmative, can you come live with me and do it from here? or there, or just wherever we are????

The Barfield's said...

ok, i re-read the storm comment. i think it is actually he can deliver you FROM the storm...meaning he can just remove the storm or fire from your life. He can deliver you THROUGH the have to endure it but you are refined into His image in the process. Or...He delivers you BY the storm or fire and into His Presence. Meaning that is the way He chooses to bring you home. I think Beth said something to the effect of, He must be really anxious to meet me!

Mary Beth said...

I'm so glad that you got to hear Angie! I was wondering how it was, and I am not surprised to hear that it was great. I wish I could have gone, but I was needed here, and that ended up being the best place for me. Thanks for giving the update.

As for your questions. . .
1. no, my computer is on mute most of the time, so if I want to hear something, I just "unmute"
2. frustration, irritation, yes!
3. no boys, sorry--are they hunting or fighting?
4. you mean besides bills? i love it, but not nearly as much as my children--they adore mail!

Dana said...

1. no, what annoys me is when my children have left the volume turned WAY UP and I get blasted - nothing to do with you, your taste in music is wonderful!!
2. OH! all of the above!!!
3. YES!! even sweet lane, although he was more into cars & action figures and the "sounds" they must make!!
4. still makes me happy!!!

Kendra White said...

girlfriend.... if you dont know miss patty cake then i question your knowledge of JESUS...JK we are in LOVE with Miss Patty Cake althought she is a little weird.... sometime as Britney about Miss Patty CaKe

Reeves said...

Ok, way to make me cry....I am about to finish studying for finals and needed some laughs so I went to DeeDee's blog and thought "Oh, wonder what cutie Mel is up to" Well........TEARS girlfriend! TEARS!!!! Between the finals and PMS this was not a good day to read this (although God's word is always GOOD)I want to check out this Angie girls blog...after my test today at 12:30!