Tuesday, October 21, 2008


i'll start with something you think CAN'T be true!!!

check this picture out... jason had to leave unexpectedly for CA early this morning and he left us a note that said...
"the glass finally fell out, be sure to show riles". curious??? well, look!!!

yes, that is a piece of glass that came out of my husband's arm. he's been concerned about the place for a few weeks now, well, really it was just bugging him b/c he knew after a few days what was going on. you see, 20 (and that is NO exaggeration) years ago he was in a wreck with three other people and this was a piece of glass that is just NOW making it's way out of his body. have you ever heard of such a thing??? that thing was BIG too!!!

today has been one of those days that i really sat back and took a deep, deep breath. the boys and i went to the park - just the three of us - for more than 2 hours. it probably wasn't as exciting for them b/c there weren't any kids there, but it was so something that i needed. i took time to sit and listen to them, enjoy chasing them, talk to them about the sky and the trees, and the wind and why it had to be sooo cold (it wasn't really that cold). but it's rare that we are totally alone at the park - and it was kind of nice!

so, on that note - i wanted to share some pictures of those kiddos!

this one was reed climbing up the stairs making some weird, weird faces!!! here is one of the cute ones!

this one is riley at the pumpkin patch a few weeks ago. he LOVES going there! doesn't he look so big???

and to top it all off - i found my new fall/winter shoes that you can buy here.

I think they are so, so cute, so if you don't - well, don't burst my bubble at least for a week! ps. dd, check out the name of them! :-)

i sure hope you all are enjoying this fall weather. i so enjoy it!!!
ps. yes, that is a christmas song playing as the #1. i heard it the other day on the christian radio station and i've been thinking about it ever since. it's powerful!


Dana said...

about the glass - OH MY!!!!!!!
so glad you were able to enjoy the little things in life with your boys at the park. we are doing a study at church called "one month to live" - boy, does it make you put things in the right places, if you know what I mean! btw, it's also a best selling book!
love, LOVE the shoes, the store they're from & the name - how fitting!!!

kitzkazventure said...

Oh, that glass gives me the shivers!

I just got happy/sad when you waved at me today. I miss our morning chats and I miss my cutie boy smiles!

I am thinking on some little personal cards for Nick to give out when he gets gifts or needs to write a note....I'll let you know!

Would you consider a playdate after school? When does Reed nap?
We have discovered Rabbit Run park...totally empty alot!

Oh, and to answer your last post...Nick isn't a gun boy, it's swords! Everything is a sword! ugh! ;) A pirate for Halloween, of course!

Hugs to all of you...and Riley is looking too grown up...so is NICK! :O karen

Kendra White said...

shoes are precious... they need some trendy smart wool socks to go with them!!!