Wednesday, September 24, 2008

fall is in the air! :-)

hello all!

we are doing well - enjoying this great great weather we have been having! man, no wonder this is our family's favorite time of the year! how about coming over for s'mores??

ok, i have a challenge for you all! i'm going to post a video of reed - he's trying so hard to get sentences together and he just talks blabber all the time - LOVE IT! so, here he is asking for a specific show to be played on the TV. it makes me laugh every time i watch it!

let me know your guesses!

our next door neighbors have a son that is in his 20's now so they are always finding some fun things to give to riley that their son played with when he was riley's age. this is the giftie we got this week - some GIJoe figurines! can you tell riley loved them???

man, those guys are READY! :-)

jason is still working on the usps job in CA - travels there next week as a matter of fact. he has been faced with many challenges, so keep him in your prayers! riley is loving "nursery school" as they call it. he is in a class with all new people and is coming home talking a lot more about what they are learning. reed is doing well too- we go for his tube checkup tomorrow, so we will see if those suckers have stayed in place and are doing their job!

i haven't asked any questions in a long time... so guess what? you ready for some???
1. what is your favorite scent of a candle?
2. what is your favorite crayola color?
3. do you mind if someone burps in front of you?
4. do you have a "shoes off" policy at you house?
5. do you know of any stomach exercises that can flatten the abs FAST? :-)
6. have you ever laughed so hard that you wet your pants? if so, when?
7. what is your favorite winter shoe?
8. candy corn or jelly beans??? (yes, shannon, that's for you!)

ok, i'm awaiting your answers!!!
love you all!!!


uhlsfam said...

1. what is your favorite scent of a candle?
2. what is your favorite crayola color?
3. do you mind if someone burps in front of you?
4. do you have a "shoes off" policy at you house?
5. do you know of any stomach exercises that can flatten the abs FAST? :-)
6. have you ever laughed so hard that you wet your pants? if so, when?
7. what is your favorite winter shoe?
8. candy corn or jelly beans??? (yes, shannon, that's for you!)

uhlsfam said...

my answers...

1. spice/apple/etc. anything fallish
2. blue-green (not green-blue!)
3. not at all!
4. no, but i'm about to implement one!
5. heck no, that's why i'm asking!
6. yes, yes, yes... last time... a week ago
7. tommy hilfiger clogs that jason bought me from tjmaxx about 3 years ago!
8. candy corn!!!

kitzkazventure said...

OK, my guess is Mister Rogers and something about seeing the trolley?

1. I love fall smells too but if it is strong it gives me a headache! But, pumkin pie or apple pie actually cooking in the oven, oh my!!!!

2. I like the fall colors for that too...burnt umber? ;)

3. No, some are grosser than others but I am from and live in a family of noise makers....all kinds of noises!

4. No, because I have tile everywhere, I would be embarrassed if they walked around barefoot and figured out real quick that I hadn't swept in a few days or a week or um, two! But, I do like everyone to experience the heated floors in the winter so socks are fun!

5. Yeah,right! I am just trying not to look six months pregnant!

6. I was close this week when I saw that singing video that I sent Shannon but Yes, although I have more trouble with coughing and sneezing!

7. I have these great Clark's that are soooo old but I still wear them occasionally because I love them so much.

8. I like both....maybe they should make a jelly belly that tastes like candy corn! I have jelly bellys in the cabinet currently.

Does Riley still do naps? We need to do an afternoon playdate soon! I miss seeing you at school!!!!


beth spray said...

1. none - they make me sneeze:(
2. pink
3. not crazy about it, but i don't have a fit if it happens
4. yep
5. nope
6. yep, it's been a while and i think your sis might have been involved!!
7. boots
8. candy corn in small doses!!

as for reed -- don't know the show - just jealous he is talking -- bennett still won't say anything!!!!

Sheryl said...

Sheryl's Answers
1. Bayberry
2. Purple (I'm sort of boring)
3. YES...but, I will overlook it....this time.
4. Only for myself.
5. Nope...that's why my stomach isn't flat.
6. Yes...I'm sure it was recently...but I problems with my memory also...what are we talking about?
7. Bedroom shoes
8. Candy corn...yucky on jelly beans.

Beth Ann's Answers
1. Vanilla
2. Aquamarine
3. Depends on the person and how they burp.
4. Yes.
5. No, because there's no such thing as "spot reducing."
6. No...not yet; although many have tried to get me too.
7. Flip
8. Definitely candy corn...jelly beans are for Easter, silly.

We love you!

Sheryl and Beth Ann

Dana said...

as for the riley sentence, I believe it must be Mister Rogers!

YAY!! mel's questions are back!!
1. apple/cinnamon/spice/pumpkin
2. red
3. girlfriends -no.
husband -YES!!
4. no, but I'm thinkin' maybe I should...
5. well, of course not (who really cares about that anyway -HA!!!!)
6. sure - whenever I'm with dee dee
7. hummmmm.... brown clogs, which need to be replaced, sniff, sniff!!
8. I enjoy both actually!

The Barfield's said...

hehe! WOW WOW WUBZY!!! I got it!
1. in fall, yankee candle harvest or the pumpkin ones. yummmmmm!
2. i pretty much like all crayons, as long as they are crayola and are SHARP!
3. if i can SMELL it i CERTAINLY DO!
4. nope. base housing carpet is trash anyway!
5. are you kidding me? i'd have to have abs that were actually connected to flatten them.
6. uh, yes. after 4 babies, it is pretty much a given.
7. timberland boots or my troika crocs
8. JELLY BEANS! but only the jelly belly kind (walmarts gourmet assortment will do as they are cheaper)
i've missed the questions! only you.....=0)
gotta go change poop!

kitzkazventure said...

OK, now I can hear wow, wow wubzy too. Is that what he was saying? Nick loves the WWW show. I think it is weird but it is calm and non aggressive so go for it! ha!

Julie, Tim, and Peyton said...

1. Citrus Grove by Root would love it because it is a great fall scent. It is one of the only ones that doesn't make my allergies go nuts.
2. All of them... I love color!
3. no, as long as they say "excuse me".
4. I don't, but Tim does, which has rubbed off on Peyton. It drives Tim crazy when I don't drop my shoes in front of the door for everyone to trip over like he does. ;-)
5. Nope, but let me know if you find one.
6. Wow, all the time when I was pregnant, but I keep doing those keagle exercises, so not as much any more. Sneezing is still a problem, though.
7. I have an assortment of clogs that I like in all different colors. Did I mention that I love color?
8. Absolutely jelly beans, but only the Staruburst kind. Have you compared the labels? If you are candy corn kind of girl you may give them up as your stomach exercises!

I'm glad the questions are back!

Mary Beth said...

Emma and I have no idea what Reed said, but Wow, Wow Wubzy works for me. It is weird, but not nearly as weird as Yo gabba gabba.

1. I like pumpkin/spice ones in the fall and the Christmas tree smelling ones from YC around Christmas.
2. cerulean
3. yes, especially lately b/c Annie seems to think it is okay, and I definitely want her to know it is not!
4. No, but everybody in the family takes them off anyway. We must have hot feet.
5. None
6. no, thank goodness!
7. I don't think that I can call any of my winter shoes my favorites, so I think that I'll just have to go shoe shopping.
8. Not a huge fan of either, but prefer candy corn. For the calories, I'd rather have chocolate!

The Barfield's said...

i have a correction to make to my questions.....
My sweet sweet friend Tabitha sent me a Salt City candle that is called Pumpkin Spice. WAY better than the Yankee Candle Harvest!!! And I thought Harvest was good. No Comparison! So Thank You Tabitha!

The Barfield's said...

ok, we just sat here and laughed and laughed at reedles. we love his multisyllabic wow. =0) mckenna wants me to type....when are you going to come??? =0) no pressure.

Kristina said...

I have no idea what show Reed wants to watch!

Love the GI Joe picture. Libby did that same thing one day (only in my bed -- guess there wasn't enough room in hers!) with her little Madame Alexander dolls that she gets from McDonald's, they are the Wizard of Oz characters.

1. class -- Vanilla but when Bobby and I were first married we bought these Hazelnut candles from Rooster & Rose that were absolutely fabulous. Libby's middle name Evelyn, while named for both our grandmothers, means "hazelnut" in French!
2. they have such funny names nowadays but I loved the metallic ones and I just like to say "periwinkle"
3. not if they say, excuse me!
4. No, had never heard of such until some in my mom's group was a nut about it!
5. stomach muscles? what are those?
6. more than I care to admit, happened quite often during and after pregnancy!
7. I love boots but I really just like to wear fuzzy socks around the house.
8. Jelly bellies really but I guess that wasn't one of the choices.
Always fun! I hadn't check blogs in a while with school. By the way, TLLS (school where I work) is having an open house Nov 2 if you are interested. See you soon, K