Saturday, September 06, 2008


Hello all and Happy Birthday to Mr. Jason! I can't believe we are just 30 this year - HA!!! :-)
We have had a great day so far and are about to go to church but wanted to post a few pictures and get everyone up to date!

Reed did well with the tubes in his ears. He's still not really comfortable and he's a little cranky, but I think that is expected! Thank you all so much for your prayers... DD - thank you SO much for sending the balloons and the bear from the girlies. What a sweet, sweet thing to do - and they have resulted in hours of playtime and I am not exaggerating! Here is the picture I promised!

See how cute the bear is???

Also, Riley has started fall ball and here is in his uniform - and the next picture is him playing pitcher!!! WOW! He did great and payed attention. woo hooo!!!!

As many of you know, we have also had a lot of "pets" at the Uhls household...
here is a cute clip of our sweet friend, Lauren Clay, enjoying our little froggie!

And last but not least... the picture of my "batmen" - the boys have these batman pj's that have a batman symbol on the front and a black cape on the back. It was only fair that we make a similar pair for daddy! So, that was one of his birthday presents :-). The boys, well, Riley, was so excited to give it to him. I wish you could see them all in person with their pjs on - it's priceless!!!

Hope you all are doing well!


Sheryl said...


I didn't know you little one got tubes in his ears. Hope he keeps feeling better and better. I love the frog...and the batmen.

Love you!


pottsfamily said...

We are lovin' that fall ball uniform. Those pj's are awesome. We might need some of those here. Glad Reed did well. We miss you guys lots.

Dana said...

dd told me reedles was gona get the tubes - glad to hear is doing well!
love the "batmen" - just too stinkin' cute!!
like dd told you - you are a great "boy momma"- I could NEVER do the frog thing!!!!!!

Julie, Tim, and Peyton said...

Mel, I'm sure Longaberger would love to know of the innovative use for their basket...frog cage! I love the uniform and the pj's...can you rub some of your creativity off on me?

Kristina said...

I am so glad we ran into each other at school Monday! Impressive with the music. You and Shannon just keep raising the bar with your blogs. Instead of the high jump I may just have to Limbo underneath. Always fun to catch up on you and your men, K

Sampsons said...

oh, hilarious. Papaw is going to love to see the video of LaurenClay with the frog. She talked about it the WHOLE time we were in Alabama. She just watched the video and said, "that was fun... we can do that again sometime." I'll let YOU explain why we can't play with the frog anymore :)