Tuesday, January 22, 2008


So, here are some RANDOM pictures, just because I feel like blogging. The UK game is on, and to tell you the truth, I'm not really interested, but how fun that they are going to WIN!!! Now, the Austrailian Open is on - in between matches right now - looks like the Williams sisters are out before the semis - a bit suprising! I would love to watch the Federer vs. Blake match tonight, but oh, my, I would be no count tomorrow if I did so!

Here is Riley in a Buzz Lightyear costume that his pal let him borrow. It makes us laugh so hard!!! However, what else is new?

This is the sweet look that Reed is giving you before he attacks your face - man, that young one is a strong one!!!

A picture of us on Saturday - being lazy on the couch - we've come a long way with that little Reed. In previous months he would never have taken a bottle with all of us around... PTL!

Ok, as promised... Here are the questions :-).

1. If you could rename yourself, what would your new name be?
2. Lip gloss or Lipstick?
3. Will you be tuning in to the season premiere of LOST on the 31st?
4. Houseshoes, slippers, flip flops? What do you wear on your feet around the house?
5. Do you enjoy the beach or being by the pool more?
6. What bugs you more in the kitchen - a dirty sink or a dirty floor?
7. Do you like those candy hearts with the message on them? I saw one that said "email me" - too funny!
8. Do you think flowers are a good Valentine's Day gift to you?
9. Are you addicted to the Food Network?
10. Coffee - hot, cold, latte - or not at all?

Let us have it!!! :-) Love to you all!


uhlsfam said...

1. If you could rename yourself, what would your new name be? I'm liking Kylie for some reason!
2. Lip gloss or Lipstick? Lip GLOSS!
3. Will you be tuning in to the LOST? OF COURSE!
4. Houseshoes, slippers, flip flops? What do you wear on your feet around the house? flip flops
5. Do you enjoy the beach or being by the pool more? actually, the pool!
6. What bugs you more in the kitchen - a dirty sink or a dirty floor? FLOOR - i know, that goes against the clean lady on the internet (shannon and DD, you know who I'm talking about)
7. Do you like those candy hearts with the message on them? I saw one that said "email me" - too funny! YES, i like them all but the white ones!
8. Do you think flowers are a good Valentine's Day gift to you? NO. too much money and they just die!
9. Are you addicted to the Food Network? Not really, but I hear a lot of people are!
10. Coffee - hot, cold, latte - or not at all? I'm really digging the cold latte that DD showed me how to make - delicious!!!

beth spray said...

hip hip hooray -- mel's questions are back!!
by the way - those boys are too cute!!
1. name: i like molly and i heard the name holland the other day and liked it, too!
2. lips: burt's bees lip shimmer
3. lost:nope, never got into it
4. feet: nothing
5. pool or beach: pool
6. sink or floor: sink
7. conversation hearts: they are my favorite candy!! i keep a bag around as long as i can find them, but only the original necco ones
8. flowers: nope - they bring the sneezies
9. food network: not the network, just food:0)
10. coffee: none of the above, i keep saying i'm not old enough, but unfortunately that's not true:0)

Julie, Tim & Peyton said...

Hey Mel. I keep up with your blog but have never responded. i thought answering your questions would be a good start. I love the pics of the kids and you entertain my lunch hours with your stories! ;-)
1. name: i don't know right now what i would name myself, but in college when lisa and i used to go out on the town (wait, g-town girls never went out to dance, did they?) my code name was jade. i don't know where lisa came up with that one, but it worked. tim just laughs and calls me jade now and then. does the name suit me?
2. lips: stick, definately.
3. lost: you bet ya! i hope they give us a recap because my pregnesia has never gone away after 3 years and i need a memory jogger.
4. feet: nothing unless it is cold, then slippers to keep my tosies warm.
5. pool or beach: i have a short attention span for both, but nothing beats the sound of waves crashing.
6. sink or floor: sink. i don't have to worry about my floors being dirty because tim walks around with his spray bottle and towel in the ready position in the event something falls/spills on the floor.
7. conversation hearts: i never cared much for them after my second grade boyfriend broke my heart after i gave him a box of hearts.
8. flowers: nope. you know how they say you should wait a year before landscaping a new house to see what comes up from the previous owners? 5 years and i am still waiting for something to appear. therefore i would love to have potted spring bulbs, instead of cut flowers, so i can plant them in my yard and benefit from them year after year.
9. food network: only have basic cable so no food network for me.
10. coffee: i'm not a coffee fan, but i have learned to drink 2 things from starbucks...of course they have to be sweet! iced white chocolate caramel mocha, or hot white chocolate peppermint mocha.

kitzkazventure said...

Oh my goodness, Julie as Jade, cracks me up! So funny! Ok, here is my two cents....and Mel, what is the menu/food website that you use for meals....Shannon told me the name but whatever I remembered apparently was wrong because I could not get it. Karen :)

1. If you could rename yourself, what would your new name be? I have always liked my name but my middle name is Ann so we were going to name a girl Anna, if we had one.
2. Lip gloss or Lipstick? Neither, mostly just chapstick types. I love the AVON kind.
3. Will you be tuning in to the season premiere of LOST on the 31st? Maybe, but I hope they redo some from last year so I can catch up.....has anything happened since the bald guy was shot and fell into the pit?
4. Houseshoes, slippers, flip flops? What do you wear on your feet around the house? I am barefoot girl....my mom will buy me slippers still....they are all in the closet with tags!
5. Do you enjoy the beach or being by the pool more? The beach...whales belong in the ocean! ;)
6. What bugs you more in the kitchen - a dirty sink or a dirty floor? neither bugs me too much but probably sink unless there is something sticky on the floor.
7. Do you like those candy hearts with the message on them? I saw one that said "email me" - too funny! I like the sweet tart ones but not the original ones.
8. Do you think flowers are a good Valentine's Day gift to you? Goodness NO! Total waste of money!
9. Are you addicted to the Food Network? Just certain shows..."dives, drive-ins, and diners" is our favorite because it is actually food we would eat.
10. Coffee - hot, cold, latte - or not at all? Only the legendary COFFEE PUNCH!

Kristina said...

OK I wanted to see who had commented but I don't want to read their answers yet!
1. I did, Kristina. All growing up, family and friends called me Kristy. In 8th grade, I tried to get everyone to call me Kristina but it didn't work. When I moved to Oboro when I was a sophomore I should have thought to do it then but I was too traumatized! So I wanted until college to change it. But all my mail and telemarketers ask for Anna, which is my first name!
The name I can't wait to know is in Heaven, "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches. To him[her] who overcomes, I will give some of the hidden manna. I will also give [her] a white stone with a new name on it, known only to [her] who receives it."
2. Both this morning but that is unusual. Usually, Burts Bees lip balm -- how sad.
3. Have not seen an episode of Lost.
4. Fuzzy socks, or cute socks with bees, flamingos, etc on them.
5. Love the beach, the sound of the waves rushing in.
6. Bobby does both, so neither bother me. Love him for that!
7. No, only to look at for guessing games in glass jars.
8. Love flowers! Have not seen enough of those since the engagement. I did see this wonderful tub of flowers that grow and bloom so they should last longer -- if I have a green thumb.
9. Love the food network but I only get basic cable. We did just recently add the local HD channels for two more dollars a month so those are pretty nice.
10. TEA please. Nut Crunch from Let's Do Tea.
Thanks for blogging with pictures and questions. Now to read the others! Take care, girlfriend! akml

pottsfamily said...

1. anything but what I have.
2. Lip gloss. Lipstick tastes bad.
3. no! no! no!
4. Flip flops of course.
5. being by the pool looking over the ocean.
6. dirty floor
7 not at all. I think they taste like cardboard (or what I imagine it would taste like.)
8. No.
9. No. I'm too picky to eat anything they cook.
10. None. Diet coke all the way!

mandy said...

hey! too fun! :)
1. not quite sure, but it reminded me of friends when phoebe changed her name to 'princess sophia bananahamack' :)
2. gloss 100% love the shimmer!
3. never got into it..
4. nothing in the summer, but otherwise definitely "slippas" as doug calls them.
5. THE BEACH! i would move to the shore in a heartbeat. ;)
6. dirty sink. i got slate for the floor so i wouldn't be able to see the dirt--works like a charm.
7. love the hearts! and melanie, the white are my favorite. :)
8. not roses b/c too expensive. maybe one rose or just a cute bunch of the $4.99 variety from walmart.
9. i used to watch it all the time, but now not so much.
10. coffee! just a little cream and i'm ready to roll.

Dana said...

YAY!!! the questions are back!!
1. well, growing up, I hated my name. now, it has grown on me a little bit!
2. LOVE, LOVE Burt's Bees Lip Shimmer cocoa! it's who I am!!
3. DUH!! of course!! need a recap!
4. barefoot when it's hot & cute socks when it's cold.
5. "nanny's pool" with my friends and ALL our kids!
6. OK. I HATE my kitchen floor so that trumps any mess in the sink. period!!
7. nope. think I ate way too many as a kid.
8. used to get roses every year from hubby. it's been a while, but I'd take them again!!
9. LOVE to watch, but so never cook any of that stuff!!
10.none of the above - diet coke for me!!

Mary Beth said...

Hey Mel. I'm updating! And it is working! Love those cute pictures of your boys.
1. I used to not like my name when I was little, but now I don't really every think about it. (Kylie--rhymes with another cute name I know; maybe that's why you like it.)
2. Chap Stick--especially this time of year!
3. I have never seen Lost.
4. I wear slippers in the winter and go barefoot in the summer. In between it just depends on whether or not my feet are cold.
5. The pool is fine; certainly better than not being by the pool, but given the choice, I prefer the beach. Especially the beach at Sanibel where I can look for shells. So fun!
6. Both bug me (although there are certainly days that appears neither bugs me), but I sweep the floor more than I clean the sink because I hate to step on crumbs. So I'm going with the floor. The clean lady (does that have fly in it somewhere?); she has some great advice, but following through can be tough.
7. Yes, I like to look at the candy hearts, but I do not like to eat them. They are super-cute though!
8. No flowers for me. Since I end up paying the bills anyway, gifts just aren't the same. Quality time is much better.
9. I used to watch more Food TV than I do now. I am also too picky to eat much of what they cook. Paula Dean cracks me up. I like some of the challenges (Annie loves them!). I heard the Emeril Live was cancelled! Is that true? I also like the Italian girl--umm Giada? Anyway, she seems so nice and I would actually eat her food.
10. No coffee for me. I drink one regular Coke every morning--actually I leave it sitting on my desk, and it lasts most of the day. Tim found some that he likes though. I think someone else mentioned it. Peppermint White Chocolate Latte. Poor thing. He was stunned to find out that it wasn't low fat.

Dee Dee said...

1. hmmm... I don't really know, I am not too crazy about diedre, but I really like Dee Dee :O) Mom and Dad almost named me Virginia :o/ I don't think that fits at all.... But I with Mandy, I think I'll take after Phoebe and be Princess Sophia Banana :O)

2. For some reason I feel like I am too young to wear lipstick.. I don't know what it is... And lipgloss is kind of sticky and I end up rubbing it off or taking a drink of something within about 5 min so I'm gonna go with chapstick.

3. Well, I haven't been a watcher but all my other shows are not coming on b/c of the writer strike so I just might have to!

4. In the winter, I like these new houseshoes that mom got me. They are super comfy and but the majority of the time I like bare feet.

5. I love the beach!!!!

6. Hmmm... well I am kind of messy and the only kitchen I currently have I share with about 50 other girls BUT if I did have a kitchen the FLOOR def. I can't stand to get crumbs or something on my feet but I can def. see myself letting dishes pile up and resorting to paper products :O)

7. I think they are funny to read but I don't like to eat them.

8. I love flowers, but I want something with a little thought, that took more than a phone call. Josh helped his grandmother arrange my flowers last year and decorated it with this little ribbon :o) He was so proud :O)

9. Nope but I do like to watch the shows that shows that are the bakers making these crazy cakes or like the history of a candy company or something.

10. I am not a big coffee fan but I have discovered these self heating french vanilla lattes and they are really good! I also like caramel lattes from Starbucks... I am pretty sure mine aren't low fat either (plus at starbucks I have them cut the amount of coffee in half :O) )

geez I wrote a book!!

The Barfield's said...

1. no clue. never thought about it actually. and i've used up all the girl names i like on the 4 i have had to attach names to.
2. gloss
3. yes
4. flip flops
5. beach if i am alone, pool if my kiddos are with me
6. sink
7. not so much
8. no.
9. no
10. hot when i am cold, cold just about whenever.
sorry i am a slacker. didn't know i was holding things up.

Sampsons said...

1. I am loving reading comments on names... especially "Jade" Anderson. And Muri doesn't like her name? I've always loved it. In fact, maybe I'd choose that for me :)
2. Gloss I guess. I can't keep either applied for longer than a few minutes. I've always admired KGT for still having color on her lips after a meal.
3. Oh, yeah, we watched LOST!
4. Houseshoes have been banned in this house, so I just do socks
5. the beach
6. a dirty sink, thanks to flylady
7. I do!
8. I prefer a teddy bear holding a heart
9. Not addicted, but at least it's decent TV in the middle of the day. Better than Court TV.
10. hot Latte with a couple packets of sugar in the raw :)