Friday, January 11, 2008


I had so many sweet pictures that I wanted to share, so while both boys were asleep, I'm going to put them out here for ya!

First of all, before Christmas, Lauren Clay had us over to her Grandmother's house to make some Christmas cookies (very last minute, just like Shannon and me) and they had the best time. The cookies were delicious and the aprons were so, so adorable!

This is of New Years Eve - it was a very fun family night. I was cracking up b/c Lauren Clay was all snuggled up to Jason. Too precious! Oh, and that's Ty in the background. The new sweet addition to the Sampson family!

Our first snow!!! This was a week ago, or so! We had a good time out in it for ... 5 minutes. It was about 10 degrees. Too cold for some fun playing, that's for sure! Check out Rudolph!

These pictures are from our after-Christmas visit with the Potts fam. We had such a great time and Riley has asked for them to come back. They just played for hours!!! Oh, and the picture of Reed I snagged from Muri's blog b/c I just loved his chunky cheeks in that picture!

This picture was from yesterday - I was folding clothes and the boys were playing in the bathroom... didn't Riley give Reed a great hairdo? Reed didn't care one bit :-).

And this is from right now... Riley asked if we could have some quiet time and not take a nap today... so, I pulled out my prayer journal and he wanted to watch Everyone's Hero. This is him 5 minutes after... so, so sweet!

Hope you all are doing well! Next post there will be some questions... so be ready!
Love to all!


The Barfield's said...

YAY! Thank you! =0) I'll share with the girlies asap. any mattress news?

pottsfamily said...

Thanks for the new pics. Love them. We had a great time thanks.

Dana said...

too cute!!
i'm ready for more mel questions!!

Kristina said...

Yeah! Pictures! And questions coming -- how exciting! akml

Mary Beth said...

Love the new pictures! DeeDee is here with me (she still hasn't resumed classes yet), and I told her that you had an update as well as your sister. Her comment: "Overachievers!" We both have updating our blog on our To-do lists. We will get there--maybe even in the next 24 hours. :)

Sampsons said...

finally getting on to check your blog. the whole family is still asleep, so i'm enjoying a few minutes of quiet computer time! Loved the picture of Lauren Clay snuggled up to Jason. You'd never know she's a little shy!

little brother said...

its amazing what you find on the internet these days. Cute kids. glad to see they took after their mother. Tell my brother that i love him and i miss him. Love all you guys. say hi through my e-mail if you like at Thats my work e-mail.

your little brother.