Sunday, February 10, 2008


despite the flu trying to keep us down, we celebrated riley's 4th birthday and we had a great day on saturday! (ps. it was nick and caroline's birthday too - we hope you all had a great day too!) here are some sweet pictures - YES, we did stay in our jams for most of the day... riley blowing out his candle!!! this was the ronald mcdonald birthday cake that we were planning to have at his birthday party today, that we had to cancel :-(. he didn't seem to upset about it though - that boy is the sweetest thing! here is riley with his birthday gift from us... a leap pad for his age. he has played with that thing so much already - especially the dinosaur booklet. he knows more than i do already about dinosaurs! here is our tradition - balloons on riley's chair for the day (well, they are still there to be honest...) here is a picture of reed enjoying chocolate chip pancakes - his appetite has not decreased at all during all of this flu-ness. thank the lord!!! Still working on getting a new video of Reed here is one from the past............


beth spray said...

happy birthday! sorry the flu bug has bitten!! hope everyone is on the mend! and mel -- i LOVE your header on the blog! did you do that?? and is it something you would do again for pay? :0)

kitzkazventure said...

Happy Birthday Riley! We are getting ready for number 4 birthday too. Although we are celebrating birthdays 1-3 as well! ;)

pottsfamily said...

Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to you. Happy birthday to Riley. Happy birthday to you!
Love the pictures of both boys. I would love to have some of those pancakes too! I also love the blog header. Are they for sale???

Dana said...

oh, my!
how precious!!
hate to hear about the flu-ness.
glad all are on the road to recovery!!
we have had two mcdonald b-day parties ourselves - hate that he had to cancel - maybe next year!!

The Barfield's said...

looks like you need to add blog headers to your giggles options! i want one too! and riles....that birthday picture makes me miss you terribly and wish you lived next door so you and mckenna could be playmates every day. she misses you and keeps asking when you are coming and if you are coming with nanny and papa. I hope you get your birthday present soon and that you LOVE it!! we love you so much!

Kristina said...


Thanks for sharing. Hope you all are sick-free for awhile!