Friday, August 10, 2007


Howdy all - gonna be a quick post, but wanted to put some pictures out there :-).

This is Riley climbing a tree - can you tell that i'm showing him how I want him to smile - I guess I was cocking my head to the side and all - for the love :-).

This one is of Reed in SaraKate's float for the first time on the back porch. He did so good and was in there for quite awhile. He was so funny because his little feet were just pushing on the bottom of the pool (b/c you can so see how NOT deep it is...) and he was just running around and around that pool. Love it! This smile of his, I sure wish I could put it in a bottle forever. It melts me... Took him to the doctor this afternoon and he has a double ear infection. He hasn't been napping very well, and he started pulling on his ear while we were at Shannon's this morning, so I thought we'd better get him in to the doc before the weekend. So, we're on his first antibiotic - FUN! You know what - despite the not sleeping, I would never have known that this child was sick - amazing!

And, last but not least - here's Riley in the pirate costume that we got in Walgreens for $4 while we were waiting for Reed's prescription to be filled. Isn't it hilarious? He wore it all afternoon - despite the heat! Too stinking cute :-).

Ok, and a few more things... one of my pet peeves is the mess that I leave each morning in the area of my coffee pot. Meaning - the spoon that leaves coffee on the counter and the mess that the splenda (or sugar) makes when I don't get it all in the coffee mug. I've been putting a towel there and I just don't like that. Do any of you have any fun ideas?

Another thing I've been brainstorming about are new things for the catalog this season. A couple of friends have suggested notes to the teacher (in a notepad). Something like...
Dear ________,
Riley was late or absent (circle which one) today because:
_ Doctor's Appointment
_ Sick

What do you think about that? Another thought was the waterproof sippee cup labels. Do you all think they would sell? What about a laminated chore list (thanks Muri for this idea) that could hang on the door knob of your kids room and they could mark off what they had done???

Let me know what you think about these ideas and also give me any more that you may have! I'm ready for some new additions!!!

Now, some links that you may be interested in...
If your child is eating baby food and you have access to Target, you must check this out! You can print the coupon as MANY TIMES AS YOU WANT!!! It's amazing! gerber foods coupons

I rec'd Rachel Ray's magazine as a gift from Dottie and I'm LOVING every issue - I'm especially loving her section of everyday favorites. Check it out when you have the time.

I know this may sound odd, but I am loving this angel food cologne spray. I leave it by my door to the garage and spray some before I head out for the day. It's so handy to have by the door. It's such a subtle scent!

Ok, over and out - I'm exhausted!


The Barfield's said...

how bout a pretty plastic print placemat that you could just wipe clean? not black! =0)
tried to call sat night but it might have been too late. i'm going to try to figure out how to put a video clip on the blog like jodi. you have got to see what mckenna did at bathtime tonight. too sweet!

Mary Beth said...

What about a preprinted grocery list with items that everyone gets on a regular basis (like the one in the rachel ray mag) with blank spots to personalize?

Mary Beth said...

I was thinking about the placemats while I was cleaning up the kitchen, and I think they are a great idea. You could personalize them with names or images. Good idea dd!

roof said...

I absolutely LOVE the picture of Reed! He is soooo cute! :)
I do like Riley's pirate outfit too...tell him that Ruthie said that we need to play pirates again sometime soon!