Tuesday, August 07, 2007


Howdy all - just a few observations before I post some pictures... have you all noticed that the flies are slower??? I killed five flies this afternoon by swatting them with my hand. Now that never happens... Perhaps the heat has e(a)ffected them (too late in the night for my brain to figure out which one of the spellings is correct). Anyone have any ideas?

Speaking of the heat - Riley and I played outside today for an hour but the only reason we were able to is because of these icee popsicles... they are the best!!! The cherry are my favorites... I think I've had three today - and they are only 1 point (some of you will be fortunate enough to NOT know what I'm talking about).

Ok, on to the pictures...
We went for a family day to the Icthus park (well, it wasn't a whole day, but a morning...) and afterwards we went to the Red Robin - a new family favorite. Delicious! Anywho - this slide was the steepest slide that I have seen in a park. It was so fun! It did, however, give us all the static head. Oh well!

And another picture at the park of the two oldest boys in the family!

It was a fun day! Now, this isn't a very flattering picture of me, but we've had to wear these things, so I wanted to pass it on to other moms if their kids are in to masks - you can go to the peter pan website and download templates for the masks. Pretty fun!

This picture was taken of Reed last night - he was so stinking cute in the walker - he was having a great time in there and I think he was in that walker for more than 45 minutes. He was watching us play - he's such a cool baby to have around :-). And for those of you who don't know sign language, Reed is saying "whassssupppp???"

This picture really cracked me up. We got a sample diaper in the mail yesterday and Riley wanted to see if it would fit him. So, here we go... trying it on. It barely would go around him - it was a size 2!!! I laughed so hard...

This is a picture of what our mornings look like. Riley has started coming in to our bed (this is around 7:30ish) and cuddling with me until Reed wakes up. He then watches a show while I give Reed his bottle and then they cuddle for awhile. Riles is so funny b/c he snuggles right up to Reed and Reed just loves it! Reed was just a bit out of it - I think he was still sleepy and I couldn't get a smile out of him for a change!!!

Ok, now to make a long blog even longer... I have some questions for you!!!
1. Morning person or night person?
2. Shower or bath?
3. Mechanical toothbrush or a regular one?
4. Favorite mode of communication - phone or email?
5. Reading preference - book or magazine?

From the last set of quesions, Kristina, can you elaborate on the pen that you use?


uhlsfam said...

Ok - here are my answers...
1. Morning person or night person? NIGHT
3. Mechanical toothbrush or a regular one? I HAVE BOTH, BUT USE THE REGULAR ONE THE MOST!
4. Favorite mode of communication - phone or email? TO BE HONEST, I CAN FOCUS MORE ON EMAIL. I KNOW THAT'S VERY IMPERSONAL!!!
5. Reading preference - book or magazine? A BOOK!!!

pottsfamily said...

1. Definitely night.
2. Hasn't anyone heard of a showerbath. Sitting in the tub while the shower is running. It is the best.
3. Regular.
4. email if it isn't one of my favorite gal pals, but phone if it is.
5. Book...for sure.

The Barfield's said...

ok, here's mine....
1. NIGHT!! Mornings stink. school is coming up too quickly for me. 6:30 is for the birds!
2. Shower. baths are too depressing. all the extra fat rolls around, other things droop too far.....YUCK!!
3. I'll use either as long as it isn't too squishy.
4. Depends on what is going on around me.
5. BOOK! and btw jason...have you read seize the night?

roof said...

1. Night time...I don't like the morning until I have my coffee!
2. baths!!!!!!!!! they are so relaxing!
3. regular
4. e-mail...or myspace messages! :) hehe
5. books

beth spray said...

Melanie- you make looking at your blog so much fun! The boys are too cute!!
As for my answers........
1. middle of the day!!!
2. shower
3. regular - don't like the way the mechanical ones make my mouth feel
4. either - as long as i am getting a response :0)
5. book

Kristina said...

Here are my answers -- then I will elaborate!
1. Night -- that is why I took a teaching job from noon to three! I am not a morning person at all.
2. Bath -- I can't remember the last time I took a shower!
3. Regualar toothbrush -- I bought this cute pink mechanical one for Breast Cancer Awareness and it's still in the package!
4. F2F -- face to face! but since that is not an option, I would say email because I really don't like talking on the phone. My cell phone was stolen over a month ago and I still haven't replaced it!
5. Love to read books but since Lib was born it is mostly magazines (while I am soaking in my bath!)

Now about the pen -- Waterman is just a fancy brand of pens. My cousins husband in London England had several and so when I returned to the States and graduated I purchased one for myself (the least expensive one but still a beautiful blue) So that was in 1993 which tells you how long I have had it! Several times I've thought I have lost it but thankfully not. I just buy refills for the ink cartridge at Staples, Fine Blue Rollerball. I love to hand write letters with this pen. They have calligraphy kinds but I haven't done that in awhile.

Love Riley in the size 2 diaper! Save that for his rehearsal dinner someday! Maybe I will see ya'll at Spanish! akml

Sampsons said...

What a FUN entry!! As soon as I post this comment, I'm off to grab Lauren Clay and show her the "Pretty Man" website. Thanks for the resource! Now, my answers:
Morning person or night person? NIGHT
2. Shower or bath? Shower. Lately, I take shower while LC takes a showerbath.
3. Mechanical toothbrush or a regular one? I prefer mechanical, but I'm very lazy about changing the batteries when they die and I hate to pay what it costs to replace the brushes when they get flat. So I usually just end up using regular.
4. Favorite mode of communication - phone or email? E-mail.
5. Reading preference - book or magazine? This is the first time I can remember actually having a chance to read a book that wasn't assigned for a course or necessary for understanding data analysis. I've read 10 or 11 books so far this summer! Glad to see that DD wrote a book suggestion... I might go get it tonight!

Dana said...

oh, goody!!
1. neither anymore! babe #3 robbed me of my night-owl status!!
2. shower!
3. regular
4. these days, email - would would've thunk it!
5. who has time to read??
in the days of old, it was a book!
what fun you are, mel!!!!!!