Thursday, August 16, 2007


I found the best thing!!! I know that all of you know about the magic eraser - but I found that they can make my laminate floor as good as new and I wanted to share! Check this picture out - the clean spot is after one swipe with the magic eraser! I've tried spic and span, soft scrub, you name it to get these stains out of the grooves of the floor - to no avail. So after four years, it looks brand new again!

So, I was sharing this little tid bit with Shannon and she suggested that I ask all of you all what your favorite cleaning trick is - or what your favorite cleaning product is. SO, enlighten us and SHARE!

Hope you all have a good day!

ps. word to the wise - those of you with children, please don't let the kids help with the magic erasers - they've caused some serious burns to sensitive skins :-(.


uhlsfam said...

One of my friends emailed this to me - wanted to let you all know the tip! :-)

One of my favorite things to clean with are the new microfiber cleaning cloths that have become popular lately. They leave absolutely NO streaks on windows, mirrors, etc. You can dust with them also. They also have gotten stains out of absolutely everything in my house, including black coffee on the carpet, chimney soot on the carpet, blood on the couch (don't ask), kool aid on the couch. And lots more! They are great.

Dee Dee said...

Hey Melanie, It's lil' Dee Dee! this has nothing to do with your clean floors, (although they look fabulous) I just thought I would tell you I got a blogspot! YAY I'm excited, You're going to laugh at the name but that's ok...

Sing it, he he It's the song my girl with my name! pretty exciting.

The boys are super cute, I love looking at your blog.

Oh and as you can guess the reason I am not e-mailing you... I lost it again, sorry

But hope you like it,


kitzkazventure said...

Hi Mel, Just sharing our blog with you.

Glad to be blogging with you! Karen

Mary Beth said...

I used a Magic Eraser with Lysol on it (recommended by a teacher down the hall from me) to get permanent marker off of the tables in my classroom.

Dana said...

well, i have a few!
i have a tub of lysol/clorox wipes in every room of the house. for a quick clean, they are great.
for laundry, i do love the bleach pen. but, my new favorite is shout advanced! it will get out anything.
i am the ultimate stain getter-outer, in case you did not know & i love this stuff!!!!

The Barfield's said...

ok, come on and post something new. it's been a week! =0) as for cleaning i plan to try dana's new stain remover. i love my dyson. although i still want a new one b/c it STILL smells like the carpet powdery stuff that someone used when they borrowed it a year ago, but oh well. do use dreft spray and horror of horrors, when my bleach pen is out i have been known to spray things that need a little bleach with clorox clean up! yikes!

JLu said...

This is such a great idea! I love the Magic Eraser, but didn't think about for floors!
My favorite cleaner is Clorox Clean-Up. It's great to disinfect things...but careful cause it WILL stain your clothing! I also love those Clorox wipes for a quick job on toilets, sinks and countertops!