Sunday, July 08, 2007

theLASTfewDAYS... Barfield fun!

Wanted to finish the postings of the fun we had with the girlies. Boy, do we sure miss all of them... This first picture will only be funny to the Barfields and the Deans, but I thought I would post it anyway. These are the things that seemed to come up over and over and over - whether through a joke, just in everyday conversation, or whatever. We all would laugh when we heard any of these comments made. Such fun memories!

We got to visit with Ashley's family and Kelly's family before the Barfield's left. For those of you who don't know who I'm talking about - Ashley and Kelly were Dee Dee and my childhood friends. They lived right behind us and we did everything together. We've been friends for as long as I can remember. Kelly is a year older than DD and Ashley and I are the same age. Ashley and I used to call each other "dumb baby" - now go figure that??? Anyway, they live in Alvaton and have such a huge yard - so, here's a picture of the kiddos in the pool in the backyard. Kelly has two children - Abby and Sam. Ashley has two too - Elly, who is a few days younger than Riley, and Josie that was just born last month!

This is Reed in the seat that Ashley introduced us to - the Bumpo. It's so funny and Reed loves to sit in it! We got a tray yesterday at Target and it's great because it holds the toys for him. Of course, all he does now is clear the tray of the toys :-).

This is Josie - being held by Jackie (Ashley and Kelly's momma). She is precious!

The Barfields did get to come to Lexington for a few days and visit - which was rather fun! We thought it would be too cramped to have everyone in the house, but it didn't feel that way to me at all. It was actually way fun and I would do it all over again today if we could! We had lots of friends stop by to visit us while we were here for a short 3 days. Plus, I had a tennis tournament that we had to work around. Fun and games!!! First, thanks to Ruth for coming by and loving on the fam when we got in to town. I didn't get any pictures of you - what was I thinking???

We had Mandy and Doug (remember the post earlier in the month about Mary Beth and her sister DeeDee? Well, Doug is their brother, so we used to babysit him too). Oh, and get this - he shared a funny story with us. He remembers that one day I was taking him home from school (he remembers the exact location we had this converstation, so those of you from Franklin will recognize the location) and as we were rounding Sunset Circle, he said I told him that I had just stated dating Jason and that, I quote, "I feel like my life has just begun" - hehe! Doug was probably in 4th Grade at the time and I have no idea why I was being so sentimental with a kid that probably was more worried about going home to tell his mom that he got his name written on the board that day rather that the state of my love life. So, sorry Doug for boring you at such a young age!!! That just lets you all know how long I've been daydreaming about that Jason boy! :-) Anywho - here's a picture of Doug and his PRECIOUS wife, Mandy. They made us laugh so hard. Do you have those people in your life that no matter what the situation, you totally enjoy being around them? Well, Doug and Mandy are so in that category with me and my entire family. We love you guys!

Oh, and for the record - they don't have any children. That's Sara Kate, DeeDee's youngest! :-) We also had some GREAT times in the creek - I think Jason and the girls spend at least 10 hours in the creek. They were the cutest. So, we can't not share some pictures from those adventures. Here too is a picture of Riley and McKenna being creative on the picnic bench. They were painting... :-)

Thanks too to Allison, Jon, Silas and Ava for stopping by and meeting the clan. It was so fun to have you all there and to have you meet the family. They totally enjoyed you all! I should have taken a picture of all the kiddos in the back yard, but once again, I wasn't thinking!!!

Now, to wrap it up - just a few pictures to make you laugh. Riley and McKenna so enjoyed the blow up pool in Nanny and Papa's back yard. They would play in there for hours and would just crack us up. Well, this day they decided to be funny and swim in different outfits. Well, McKenna chose some clean clothes from the laundry room and Riley chose Anna Brooke's old bathing suit. Check it out...

No real story with this picture, but it was just too cute not to share!

And this was the attempt at the annual 4th of July picture - we didn't have great success because it wasn't a good time for either babies - so this is the best we could do... I think we all were sweating by the time this picture shoot was over! What do you think DD, acceptable???

That's how we spent the days with the Barfields. It seems like it went by so fast because we were having so much fun. Even though they are so far away, we feel blessed that they are able and WILLING to come home for an extended period of time in the summers. The bonding of the kids and the memories that we make are priceless. weLOVEyou!


roof said...

Great blog...:) It was good to visit with your family. You all are 'refreshing' to be around. (That comment is for you and remember??? :) ) Anyway, good times. I enjoyed chatting with your sista-sista, watching the kiddos and driving your dad's new car! :)

Dana said...

mel, you sure can blog, girl!!
and... you ain't so pretty...
you guys are so fun to be with.
can't wait 'til next time!!

pottsfamily said...

Love all the pictures. I am speaking from personal experience when I say please... be careful in the "creek" We don't need anymore broken legs.

The Barfield's said...

oh my word. seems like so long ago that we were there! btw, beth has a picture of bennett on their blog with his bumbo and tray. too cool! haven't been to get one yet as i havne't been to boise, and at this rate, she may be in preschool before I get up there! ARGH! =0)