Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Baptism Sunday :-)

Wanted to share with you the happenings of this weekend. Riley's cousin, Austin, was baptized on Sunday so we went down there to celebrate with them!

Their church was the sweetest thing ever! I had forgotten what a small church feels like - it's an awesome feeling! Michael, Austin's brother, was going up and down the aisles sitting with each and every row. They all knew each other - it felt great. So, after church we were invited to Julie's house for a cook out and some play time for the boys. Wanted to share a picture of their house - such a beautiful setting!!!

Julie and Mark had blown up this slide and needless to say it was quite a hit! Riley was a little cautious at first - for about a minute - then they were starting the daredevil moves! Craziness!

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Michael just loves Baby Reed - and has since Reed was born! I think Michael was the first child to give Reed a bottle! Too fun! Anyway, Michael kept making sure Reed was okay, so this is a picture of how he was making Reed smile. We loved it! That's Nana holding Reed in the swing :-).

These skate Riley found in Austin and Michael's playroom. He wanted to go and try to skate immediately. So, Austin told him he could have them, so we inherited a pair of Scooby Doo roller skates... thanks Julie!

And for those of you that haven't seen Reed in awhile - his hair is filling in - check out the "thick" hairline! He is such a smiling baby - can't get enough of that!

Also wanted to post a link to Shannon's blog - Lauren Clay and Riley had a fun play date last week!!! You'll have to check our their mischieviousness!


Okay, can't figure out how to make it a link you can click on, so check out the link to the right to Shannon's Blog.


roof said...

Looks like you all had a lot of fun! Um, the slide...too much fun! You are right...Reed has THE cutest little smile!!

The Barfield's said...

now i know why no one called me back this weekend. seriously, i CAN handle it when you are all in the same town. i am stronger than you apparently think i am. that is a way cool slide. i can't show my girls those pictures or i'll really be in the doghouse as a poopy play provider. wish we had a big lots!!!!