Sunday, July 22, 2007

Friday in Louisville :-)

Wanted to share some pictures from our visit with Muri and the kids on Friday. They were doing great and we had such a good time visiting with them. For those of you who keep up with Muri's blog... here is a picture of her broken leg! OUCH! She was able to get a walking cast put on last week, so she can let her leg "breathe" when she needs to. That is quite nice. It looks like she is being such a good sport that the leg is healing well. Good going Muri - all that on top of keeping up with two 5 year olds. wowzers! The picture after the break is Muri holding Reed - this was before one of the two bottles that Muri gave him while we were there. She just loves giving bottles to babies!!!

This picture pretty much summed up how the kids spent the day... the boys playing and caroline taking care of reed. it was too precious. i think she was born to be a mom - she loved it! thanks caroline for taking such good care of reed while we were there!

riley always loves to go back to nick's room and find all his cool toys, so he came out playing the guitar. i couldn't help but take a picture - it was too cute! i have no idea what song he was trying to play, but it sounded okay to me!

Nick is so in to baseball and he's so very good! Check out his pants in the pictures - I think he has to wear his baseball pants every single day - and you should see his collection of baseball cards. Wow - amazing is all I have to say, and he's only 5!!! Thanks to the Potts for letting us come and spend the entire day with you!!!

Just a few more pictures - I was messing around with the camera b/c I thought the couch would make a nice backdrop to some pictures, but I think the shine is a little much...

Also, wanted to let you all know that Angela (cousin from previous posts that just got married) and her new husband, Nathan, are going to be on a few eharmony commercials. Check out the link to the right to see them. They are just too cute!!! There's another one of Angela talking that Jason saw last night - can't wait to see that one too!!!

Okay, now, for those of you that read the blog - going to get you involved. This little game is something that DD, Dana, and I played when we were in BG. I'll come up with some original questions so you gals aren't off the hook!!!

What do you prefer???
1. Pen or Pencil?
2. Black ink or Blue ink?
3. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter?
4. Polka dots or stripes?
5. Honey or molasses?
6. Running or walking (or neither)?
7. Photos - color or black and white? Ruth, that one's for you!
8. When writing - cursive or print?
9. Chocolate milk or white milk?
10. Bo or Luke Duke?

For those of you who don't know how to leave a comment, all you have to do us hit the comment button at the bottom of the blog entry and it will prompt you on how to leave a comment. It's not rocket science, so just chose another user name and password and there you have it!!! Looking forward to hearing from you!!!


uhlsfam said...

Here are my answers :-).

1. Pen or Pencil? PEN
2. Black ink or Blue ink? BLUE
3. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? FALL
4. Polka dots or stripes? POLKA DOTS
5. Honey or molasses? HONEY
6. Running or walking (or neither)? WALKING
7. Photos - color or black and white? Ruth, that one's for you! BLACK AND WHITE
8. When writing - cursive or print? PRINT
9. Chocolate milk or white milk? CHOCOLATE
10. Bo or Luke Duke? BO

beth spray said...

too cute......... reed has the sweetest personality in his pictures! and that riley is just about the cutest thing!!!
as for my answers:
1. pencil
2. black
3. fall
4. polka dots
5. neither
6. walking
7. b&w
8. print-cursive combo:0)
9. chocolate
10. BO

Dana said...

AHHHH!!! i'm gald i checked in on you!!! HE HE!!
4.tough choice - i guess dots
6.walking, for sure
7.i like both for different occasions

Dana said...

not gald, GLAD!!!!

roof said...

1. Pen
2. black ink
4. Polka dots
5. Honey
6. Walking
7. B&W :) :)
8. Print
9. Chocolate
10. um...neither??

pottsfamily said...

Here are my answers.

1. Pen
2. Black
3. spring
4. Polka dots
5. Honey
6. Neither. Ha ha ok really walking.
7. black and white
8. print
9. neither yuck!
10. Bo duke is there any other.

Ruth do you not know who the duke boys are?????

Kristina said...

Love checking your website -- you would never know we live in the same town! We need to get together sometime with Shannon. Here goes:
1. pencil (not mechanical!)
2. blue (in my Waterman fine point)
3. spring (but I like to say Autumn because of that song by Nicole Mullen or Nordeman -- do you know the one?)
4. polka dots, please
5. honey (have I had molasses? is that sorghum?
6. walking but would love to start running again
7. color photos
8. cursive
9. white (but if I want a treat I will take one of Libby's strawberry milks)
10. just like to say Luke Duke, but I liked the blond one, which one was he?

Well, that was fun! I was fooling around with my blog tonight, changing the colors since I saw Shannon had somehow done that! I think there is a way to do a poll -- wonder if that would keep track of all our responses? Just a thought for the next ten questions! Take care girlfriend! Looking forward to laughing hysterically together soon -- Kristina

The Barfield's said...

Fun! Makes me miss you even more though. =0(
1. if it is sharp a pencil, otherwise a good pen that mel would approve of---we all know how she is about pens!
2. black
3. depends where i am.
4. dots!
5. honey
6. walking
7. for display, black and white
8. mixture actually
9. chocolate, and it is even better slightly slushy out of the freezer!
10. BO! (and he is even better when watching Dukes with pizza hut pizza and mello yello! do they even make mello yello anymore?)

ok! when can we get 10 more? gotta go read everyone elses responses. love you!

Shawn said...

Mel - you're blog rocks. Plus now I'm catching up on Muri and DeeDee too. Are these answers supposed to be telling of one's personality?
1. Pen
2. Blue (when i can see it)
3. Spring
4. Stripes (but only vertical)
5. Molasses (on hot biscuits)
6. Walking
7. Color (but i love Ruth's B&W)
8. Print (ALL CAPS)
9. White
10. Luke

roof said...

Yes, I know who the Duke boys are...just not impressed with either one. Now ask about Dr. McDreamy vs. Dr. McSteamy...awwwwwww...hahaha! I know, I know...I'm weird! :)

Sampsons said...

my belated answers...
Pen or Pencil? I'm with DD... it has to be a pretty special pen to beat a sharp pencil
2. Black ink or Blue ink? Blue
3. Spring, Summer, Fall or Winter? Fall
4. Polka dots or stripes? Dots
5. Honey or molasses? Honey
6. Running or walking (or neither)? Running (but at this point, I'm proud of myself if I make it for more than a 30 minute walk)
7. Photos - B & W
8. When writing - cursive or print? A mix... cur-print? print-sive?
9. Chocolate milk or white milk? White
10. Bo or Luke Duke? Bo
I am on line to write some recommendations for former students. Once again, I've been sidetracked by your blog!