Wednesday, July 25, 2007

WOW! i am loving the responses from everyone! they totally brought a smile to my face! those of you who chose Luke Duke - what are you thinking??? :-) I'm still coming up with the next 10 questions, so keep checking back!!!

Wanted to bring you up to speed on what's been going on around here. We took Reed for his 3 month panel picture on Sunday (yes, a little bit late) and Riley fell in love with a pair of "Cars" tennis shoes next door at Payless. To make a long story short, we compromised and found these skater shoes at target - he wants to put them on first thing in the morning. hilar! (ok, is that so middle school or what?) And don't ask about the undies - yes, they are the training pants that haven't been worn for about a year - they still fit though!

We also celebrated Missy's birthday on Monday - it was so good to see the Lunch Bunch again. We've missed you guys! Missy was so very kind to having help blow out the candles :-).

Dottie, sure wish you could have been there - you sure would have enjoyed gazing at those flowers - i'm attaching a picture of them as well!!! wow - they were beautiful! Check out the spread of food on the table too - it was all so very yummy!!!

Now why don't my sweet potato vines look that nice???

Today we spent the day running errands and the boys did so well - it's quite different running around with two than just one. I think Riley's getting used to having to hear a little fussing from Reed while in the car seat. Today Riley told me that the reason Reed was crying was because he wanted to turn around and watch the movie Riley was watching. You know, he probably was right!!! He sure does crane his neck around to see what is capturing his big brother's attention!

We also went on our first real walk in the double jogging stroller today and Reed didn't get fussy until the very end. YEAH!!! I was wondering how he was going to like it - Riley loves it these days and asks to go for a ride whenever I even mention walking. Thanks Allison for joining us at the last minute - it's always fun to have someone to talk to to make the walk go even faster!

New addition to the blog - I'm attaching some links to my favorite things as of late. Please share some of yours...

babydoll shirt Ruth, i thought you would appreciate this one!!!
tatoo bandaids
reed's favorite bottle
prayer journal
the best walking shoes ever

That's it from the Uhls house for now! Time to get in the bed :-). Hope you all have a good rest of the week!


DonaldsonFamily said...

It's been forever since I've logged you know we are totally slacking on our family blog :-( but I'm enjoying yours so much I had to jump through all kinds of hoops to find my username, blog name and password so I could log onto your blog! What fun ideas you have! I love your links as well. Fun stuff and great photos. Thanks for sharing. Debbie

roof said...

Baby doll shirts...YAY!!! Did you buy that one, because it is very cute. I need to go look for it! Can never have enough!

pottsfamily said...

Riley is crackin' me up. Nick is very impressed with the batting helmet. I also love that shirt at Walmart. Next time I'm there wheelin' around in the scooter I will have to look for it. Cheap too! Nothing better.

Keep the questions coming!

Sampsons said...

here's a great website (might be a good resource for giggles... have you seen it?) Money magazine did an article on the owners of this company-- very cool story. I think I saved it for you...