Sunday, February 05, 2006

A week in Review :-)

We had a good week this week. Our first week back from Idaho. We're still having withdrawals from the cow smell! No really, we miss those girls so much :-(.

This Wed. was our first week with Jack with us for the day. He was a doll and so very good! I thought Riley was going to be a little jealous, but not so. He just kept bringing Jack toys. I'll post a picture of them playing next week. They were too cute!

I got back in the groove of playing tennis this week. It was nice to be back on the court, but I was sore the next day. How sad is that? It did make for some fun play time with daddy and Riley. They built forts, in our bedroom and also in Riley's, and they had a shaving session. Evidently Riley did a great job of shaving!! The fort was Riley's tunnel, as he called it. Of couse, I had to crawl through it as soon as I got home - thanks to Jason for making it big enough for me to get through!!! Otherwise, it would have been tough!

This weekend we got some fun snow - enough to make some snow cream. We made it with Splenda and it was delicious!!! Here's some pictures of our snow cream eating - DELICIOUS.

This week Riley turns 2 years old. It's a busy week - Shawn's bday is on Wednesday, Caroline, Nick, and Riley's bday is on Thursday, and Ellie's birthday is on Saturday. That's a lot of birthdays in one week! We cannot beieve how fast two years have gone - Muri is in denial that she is going to have 4 year olds. Why does it go by so very fast??? Since returning from ID, Riley is really in to playing with play dough. We have a play dough station and we spend at least 2 hours a day (at least it feels like it) playing here. Check it out.

Dottie and Frank stopped by today to bring Riley some chairs that Dottie's dad made for him. They are too cute and they fit Riley so great. He was shy and wouldn't sit in them when they dropped by, but now we can't get him out of them. Think how cute these chairs will be in the treehouse w/the white train table? They come apart and are so easy to transport. VERY COOL! Thank you so much Frank and Dottie!

After bath tonight, Riley was cold so we got his hat out until his hair dried. He picked this one - he was adorable. It even matched - very impressive!

Well, that's about it from here. Hope you all are doing well. OH, DD, do you like this color? It's in honor of your cool bathroom :-). Love and miss you like crazy!

ps. Muri - I have been meaning to tell you and keep forgetting. Please pass on to John that I use that coffee mug you all made me every morning - and the design on it gives me a chuckle each day. Thanks for the smile each morning!!!

pss. WHY DO AVACADOS GET SO BROWN AFTER SUCH A SHORT PERIOD OF TIME? IT'S ICKY!!! Jason and I think that should be on Fear Factor - eating day old guacamole - sickening!


pottsfamily said...

Awesome post! We were beginnin to miss them. Riley looks so big. Especially in the first one. the shaving pics are too cute. Glad you had a good week and weekend. You are right it will be a busy week for both of us.

barfamilyblog said...

Miss McKenna is happy to see her cousin Riley on the screen again. She asked for more pictures though. I think she misses him. She said this am she was sad and I asked her why and she said, "I miss my cousin Riley." Too Sweet!
Hope the guac burgers were good. The leftover guac that I put in the cup and covered with plastic wrap that totally touched the surface of the guacamole seemed to do better. Still turned a little brown, but not as bad and underneath was GREAT!!!! Put it on my sandwich the next day!
Miss you.....