Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Wow, the past few days have gone by in a whirlwind! We are safely back in Lexingon. Glad to see the homeplace, but sad that we aren't with DD and the girls...

Here are some more pics from AnnaB's bday. We had spaghetti for dinner and Riley ate some noodles. We were so pumped! AnnaB really enjoyed her dinner as well. I think she ate three bowls! Speaking of enjoying something... DD mentioned that I totally enjoyed the bday cake? Well, here's the picture. It was some YUMMY cake, I tell you :-).

Riley did great on the flights home again. He slept a lot of the way. Here's a pic of him asleep and here's another picture of him drinking his apple juice. He wanted the cup to stay in the depression in the tray, so he would lean forward to drink out of it. He was a hit with the stewardesses.

After we got home, Riley was bouncing off the walls - going from one toy to another and wanting to stay out in the treehouse. Here's a picture of our surprise in the treehouse - a futon! Now we have a place to sit - and the girls will have a comfy place to sleep when they come in July! Mr. Uhls also got the TV, VCR and DVD player up and running! What fun we are going to have! Jason also redid the fish tank. It looks awesome! I'll have to take a picture and post it for you. Riley loves the new addition of a frog!

That's it for now... better get this house in shape. It was so tidy before we came in and totally WRECKED the place! We've had to get the trains out - so that means there is no place to walk in the red room!!! hehe

Hope you all are doing great! Love ya!

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barfamilyblog said...

Totally love the futon and the peg board walls in the tree house. Good job Jason! We miss you guys. July seems SO FAR away!