Saturday, January 28, 2006

What in the world did we do on Friday? The day FLEW by!! Oh yeah, we had a fashion show with McKenna in Riley's bibs :-).

DD delivered the cupcakes to Anna B's school successfully - they looked and tasted delicious! We then, with the help of the babes, wrapped the gifts for Anna B. They enjoyed that! They just couldn't understand why the presents weren't all for them :-).

The older babes went roller blading for awhile, since all the snow had melted. Leigha came back in to play Sorry w/Nanny (very sweet). When Anna B came in we had dinner - those guac burgers again. It's going to be a staple at our homes now - Daddy, watch out!

We put the kiddos to bed and then decorated for Anna B's bday. Oh first, I finished McKenna's hat. It's she the cutest? Here are some pics from the decorating. We were acting so silly - that mood that you don't particularly enjoy, Jason, I was in it!! And I had two other girls to feed off of. HEHE

We are busy celebrating all day - it started as soon as Anna B got up and we haven't stopped yet. What a fun day!!! It's even snowing for her!


Mary Beth said...

Hey Mel,
I love your blog! I'm so glad you have had such a good time visiting Idaho. I'd love to see everyone again soon. I love the pictures of the babies--especially in the tube! Take care,
Mary Beth

Mary Beth said...

I did mean to say tub. I think I better get to bed. :)