Friday, January 27, 2006

We had another fun day today. We traveled to Boise to find some gifties for Anna B for her birthday. We got all that we were going after and even had time to eat at On the Border again - we were very impressed with our time management. The Dean girls don't have a good sense of time when shopping without male reminders :-). Well, at least I don't! The food was, of course, wonderful and the service was great (unlike our last luncheon visit there Dad).

Anna B came home today with an award. Here's a picture of her holding it so her daddy can see it! She helped out a friend and her teacher saw her do it, so she was rewarded for it. That's pretty neat!

Leigha had another game tonight and she played so good. I think she stole the ball at least two times. You go!!! Her defense is awesome too. I hope you can see her in these pics! We're going to miss going to the games :-(. OH, and there is a rabbit that lives at Youth Center where Leigha plays her games. The babes love checking out the rabbit - you can even feed him. He's a nice rabbit!

One last picture - another good thing about being around DD's girls is that they think the air chamber is COOL, so when Riley needs some medicine, we just pretend like they are all taking some, so he takes it so easy! Here's McKenna pretending to use it. Oh, and she's taking major procaution by wearing that helmet. SAFETY FIRST! :-)

That's about all from here. We'll be baking cupcakes and taking them to Anna B's class tomorrow. That should be fun! Hope you all have a good Friday!

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