Thursday, January 26, 2006

Good morning everyone!

We had a bright sunshiney day yesterday! We were able to take a walk. Here we are on our way to the Commissary (grocery store). We got the ingredients for dinner and a few other things. It was fun to just be able to walk to the store!

We were also able to play in the park for quite awhile after the girls got home from school. They also adorned their new roller blades that we went ahead and gave them for their birthdays. They did really well and had a blast. Anna B said it was rather tiring - but we had hardly any falls. Whoo hoo!

For dinner we recreated the guacamole hamburger that I told you about earlier. They were yummy and Leigha loved the combination as well. We thought DD's Valentine table looked so cute we wanted to take a picutre and share! That's it from us today. We'll post more tomorrow!!!

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pottsfamily said...

Ok here we go. The girls look great in there inline skates. I hope we have no falls at all ever! Riley and Mckenna look like snow bunnies all bundled up, but I'm glad you got to go for a walk. The burger sound good. I'm sure Mel will be making them when she gets home. And I love the valentine's stuff. But especially the toile board with hangers on it in the background. Never seen that before. Love it! Hope you had a good day!