Friday, February 10, 2006


Yesterday we had a great birthday! Riley is now 2 years old :-). Muri, Nick and Caroline came to spend the day with us. Their birthday is the exact same day and they turned 4 years old!!!!

Here is Riley eating his birthday breakfast of chocolate chip pancakes (idea compliments of DD) of which he loved. We ate them on his special red plate. I was impressed that I remembered to use it! After we finished breakfast we watched the Little Einsteins and waited for some friends to come over to take them to the airport (Leslie (Brown) Bray and her husband, Corey). We dropped them off successfully and then home to get ready for the Potts to come!

The kids had a great time eating their cupcakes and opening presents! Our visit was cut a little short b/c Caroline wasn't feeling good. We were sad that they had to leave but very thankful that they made it here and back safe and sound.

Ruth came over to wish Riley a happy birthday. It was her last day at CHA and she starts at Southland on Monday. We are so excited that she is going to be so close to us each day at work! Hope you don't get tired of us Ruth!!! hehe

The day was topped off by a surpise of Nanny and Papa at the front door. Riley was hilarious running around and running around and running around. The sugar was really kicking in!

All in all, we had a great day. We had so many people call and wish Riley a happy birthday. We love you DD, Shawn, Dottie, Beverly, Shannon, and Lauren Clay! Oh, and DD and the girls - Riley LOVES the aquadoodle. THANK YOU!!! He did ask where McKenna was though - didn't McKenna come with it???

As promised, I wanted to post a picture of Jack. We get to visit with him on Wednesdays. Thought you would appreciate the picture Melinda!

Hope you all have a great Friday! More later :-).

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mandy said...

he looks so cute! happy birthday to riley! did he get to go outside and play in the snow today? it even snowed here in bham today, can you believe it? hope you all are having a great weekend! mandy