Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Had a good Tuesday!

Wanted to do a quick post for Jason. We took advantage of the warm weather - check him out mowing the lawn. Riles was concerned about the mud beside the driveway Jason, so we'd better that care of that this spring (grin :-).

Can you believe I got the same expression twice on the little man? Sure looks like his daddy - not wanting to be photographed. I think this was the look Jason gave John Carmon the whole day of our weeding!

Then we went inside and played with the train set - WOW - that was a major task getting it together. I think I need the engineer back home to help me do it again. What in the world? We had fun though!

DD, hope you are feeling better. When was the last time you had two migraines like this in a row? It's been years... Muri, here's a picture of the paintbrushes. I think your kiddos would really enjoy them. All I had to do was wash off the brush part, wait for it to dry and then screw the brush back on. You can refill with any paint too. Pretty nifty.

That's all for now. I stayed up late last night and finished reading another book by Koontz. So good but now I'm paying for it. I'm pooped and it's only 9:30pm!

More tomorrow! Miss you J!

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barfamilyblog said...

ok, I need my Riley fix too! It's not so bad if I don't really expect to see a new post, but since I know Jason wants one....I figure it is ok for me to want one too! =0)
Just FYI, the order is coming directly to YOU!!! I'll send you the invoice when I get the email. Love you!