Sunday, February 19, 2006

Another weekend past - how do they pass so fast?

We had a good week. We celebrated Shawn's birthday with the Lunch Bunch. Shawn was so kind to let Riley participate in the candle blowing and present wrapping. As always, it was great to be able to visit with the lunch bunch crew. Love them!

Here's our little man posing by the oven. This is one of his favorite places to stand when I am cooking - especially when I'm using the mixer. He loves that!

The first picture on the blog will show Riley's haircut - it was getting a bit long and we weren't going to BG for Nanny to cut it, so we did the honors. Come to find out Papa got a hair cut this weekend too. Fun!

Went to church on Sat - the service was awesome. Wish everyone could go to church with us. The focus is RIGHT ON and it's exciting to be a part of it! Shannon also loaned me the book Fresh Wind, Fresh Fire and I just finished it this weekend. WOW - it's a great read and puts things in perspective - don't we all need that once in awhile????

We are now simmering down on Sunday night - Riley wanted to watch the movie with the Pig (that he got for his birthday). So we are starting Charlotte's Web. We will see how long it lasts - a good test to see if he'd be able to sit through Curious George - mom is antsy to go and see that one! It looks so cute!

We love you all - more later! OH, and WELCOME HOME Steve. We are so glad that you are now home safe and sound. Your family missed you so!!!

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