Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Valentines Day!

We had a good day today - Jason took off to celebrate the day and to go to the 2 year checkup with us. It was a fun day!!!

All was well at the doctor - Riley weighs a whopping 32 pounds. WOW! :-) He did great - no crying at all. Then again, there were no shots!!!

Here's a picture of the boys with Jason's favorite Valentine gift for me. Check out the picture then go to this link. You'll crack up!

The other picture is a picture of Riley in his shirt that Leslie and Corey brought back from their skiing adventure. Thanks guys - he loved it!

That's it from here! Hope you have a good day :-).

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the sampsons said...

We love the valentine post and we are looking forward to our valentine outing to Joseph Beth! I had to get a blog in order to post to your site, so I guess i'll start my own :)