Saturday, January 21, 2006


We went to Boise again today to pick up Steve's car that Papa drove to the airport. He got home safe and sound. YEAH! We miss him though!

Good news though - we found out that DD has Big Lots here in Boise - that is GREAT news. She'll just have to do some digging to find out their location b/c the one that we saw is being renovated, so it was closed. Now all she needs is a Dee's, right Muri? :-)

Here's the kiddos cuddling while dinner was being cooked - and the next picture is the mess that Riley and McKenna made in the garage. They were having so much fun! They were taking newspaper and putting holes in it with screwdrivers. Jason, you would be proud!

Mom, DD and I watched Seabiscuit to end the day and also gave ourselves pedicures from DD's goodies. Very refreshing! :-)

More tomorrow!

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