Sunday, January 22, 2006

Today was project day!

We had a good day today - DD started out the day right by cooking us chocolate chip pancakes - MY FAVORITE! Riley loved them too, except he kept getting quite messy with them and that bothered McKenna that he was a MESS! :-)

Leigha got back from her sleepover (tired b/c they stayed up until 3am!), DD hung hooks in the entry way for the girls coats and backpacks, and Anna B had a friend come over. OH, and DD and mom hung the fabric in the garage to separate the living from the storage space! It looks great!

We didn't get to play in the snow b/c the sun came out and melted it all - but we won't complain about that sun. DD took me to the commissary for the first time. That was fun b/c some things are so much cheaper! Jason, we got your favorite bandaids for $2.50 - crazy!!!

That's about it from here - hope you all had a great day!


uhlsfam said...

Why did you stick my boy in a bucket? Was he behaving badly? I miss all of you so much.

pottsfamily said...

I think the pic of Riley in the bucket is very cute. I love what dd has done with the house. Glad you guys are having such a good time. We miss ya!

barfamilyblog said...

Thanks Mel for posting the pics. I love the bonus room curtins.

I can't wait to get home.