Friday, January 20, 2006

We had an eventful day today since it was Papa's last day here :-(. We are sad that he has to go. He's sad too! Here's a cutie pie picture of McKenna with her hand over her heart! They play the National Anthem at 5pm each day and if you are outside you have to be still in honor, face wherever the music is coming from, and put your hand over your heart. If you are in uniform you have to salute. Since McKenna has seen everyone else do it, she just went ahead and stood there like that during the whole song. It was too cute! Anway, I'm getting ahead of myself...

We had a visitor this morning. One of DD's friends needed us to watch her little girl while she took the older girl to the dentist. So, McKenna and Riley had a playmate. Well, she really just sat in Papa's lap - Papa found another friend! Here they are sitting in the doorway watching the moving people take some of DD's stuff to permanent storage.

Papa and DD worked on some small projects all day long. They went to town and brought back the BEST pizza I've ever tasted. It was even low carb! It was a place called Papa Murphy's and you buy the pizza there and bring it home to cook. Ingenious idea.

Mom and I took the babies to the park before naptime. We thought it was warmer than it actually was, so we didn't get to play for very long! We had fun though!

After the girls got home from school, I brought out the Knifty Knitter and they both loved doing it! We're making a hat for one of mom's friends that is going to be going through chemo and mom wanted her to have a fun hat to wear. We're going to have it done in no time b/c they both want to do it. That is fun! Here are a few pics of the knitters! I'm working on Riley's smaller blanket that I wanted to have finished BEFORE the trip out here, but just didn't get around to it! We had to rip out what I had finished, about half, because for some reason I was adding stitches. DD and AnnaB had a good time pulling it all out! That was painful!

Finally, this picture is specifically for Jason. This is a picture of the garage - to show that it's truly another room! See, the couch is used each morning - right then they were watching Dora - hehe!

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