Thursday, January 19, 2006

We had an adventurous day today!

After somewhat of a lazy morning we got up and headed out to Boise in search of a cool fan to put in DD's garage. Here's a picture of Papa and Riley telling Anna B goodbye for school. So very cute!

Once in Boise, we ate at an IHOP (which was surprisingly tasty) and then went to the Home Depot. McKenna and Riley had such fun riding in one of those race car carts - they weren't used to having to share with someone :-). We found what we were looking for, so we had to dart back home to get home in time for the girls to come home. We made it within minutes!!!

Mom, Leigha, Anna B, Riley and I decided to go for a walk (here's Riley excited about the helmet - he wanted to hold it during the whole walk) while Papa and DD were working in the garage and McKenna was taking a nap! It was so funny, she went in her room, laid down on the floor with her pillow and feel asleep. I guess two days in a row without a good nap did her in. Here's a picture for you - isn't she a doll???

Ok, back to the walk. We THOUGHT it was warm out today, but after about 5 minutes, we decided it wasn't as warm as we thought. So, our walk was cut short. That, and the fact that there are cow fields VERY close and the smell that tells us they are in a close proximity isn't that pleasing... DD and the girls don't even notice it anymore - we probably won't notice it in another week. That's kind of scary though.

DD and Papa hung the fun fan in the garage and they also hung up another mirror in DD and Steve's bathroom. Here's a picture of the fan, I know, not a good pic! Anywho, they had one of those trifold mirrors in their bathroom that made you look 3X larger than you normally are - that just had to go! With three grown women looking at themselves in that, we were getting a little self conscious (hehe).

That's about it for today - we're settling in a little early - 11pm. I think that's a record! Here's some closing of pics of the play of the day! Hope you all are doing well :-).

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