Sunday, January 15, 2006

What a day!!!

You never know what a day will bring! We started out the day at the pool - we were having a good time. Here's Riley and McKenna in their wings :-).

We had a little accident though. McKenna slipped and fell on the concrete surrounding the pool. DD tried to calm her down but she just seemed to be uneasy. Then, when we were back in the room, she threw up a little bit. Well, that was an indicator that we needed to take her to be checked out. After we found the "medical center" that was literally within walking distance (but we rec'd incorrect directions), had another throwing up episode, and was checked out by the doc, who looked like a true mountain man, we let her take a little nap. Dr. Mountain said we needed to keep an eye on her, but he thought she was going to be okay. After she woke up from a little nap she was back to McKenna again - PHEW! She is doing great now, but that was scarry!!!

While DD and I were seeing Dr. Mountain (whom we ran in to again at the local Chevron station and he asked how McKenna was doing... we are loving this little town more and more) the girls and Riley played, ate pizza, and then Riley took a nap.

So, we got back home and the girlies wanted to go out in this wonderfu snow. So, Leigha, Anna Brooke and I went out in the show and had so much fun! We slid down the hills on our floats from the pool. Then we went to the mounds of snow in the parking lot and played there. We had a great time. We were so cold and so red cheeked. We came in and were welcomed in to the warm by the rest of the family, including Riley and McKenna, with warm hot chocolate! YUMMY! Here's some pics of the snow adventure!

After the hot chocolate, we warmed up in the room, dried the cold snowy clothes, and went back out for more! Well, before getting all wintery again, PaPa and I went across the street and found some snacks at the local Chevron. That's were we ran in to Dr. Mountain :-).

Leigha, Anna B, and I played some more in the snow and then were called in when dark arrived. We were welcomed again by hot chocolate, pizza, popcorn, and the best - SNOW CREAM!!! PaPa made a phat (hehe) batch of snow cream and it was yummy. We shared some with the desk clerk at the Inn, he had never had snow cream before. What is up with that?

After that, the babies, DD and I came up to the room for another wonderful bath with DD's infamous bath salts. If you ever need some beauty supplies, visit this web site - it's awesome! Riley's ezcema is in "remission" because of the mineral bath salts. No kidding!!! The girls and Nanny and PaPa went back to the pool/hot tub and came back at 8pm laden with warm cookies. WE LOVE IT!!!

Now, we are all settling in for a good nights rest. Hope you all have one too!!!

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Granny Carol said...

Thank you so much, Mel, for shareing your vacation with us. Was so happy to hear about McKenna's recovery! Your Riley is a handsome fella and I know he has enjoyed this wonderful time together:>)