Monday, January 16, 2006

Jason here

I thought that after seeing what a great time my family was having I would give an update on little ole me. I miss my family like crazy but I am happy they are getting to spend some time with the 4 Barfield girls. Here is a picture from my jobsite from early December.

Also attached here is a picture of my wonderful hotel that is my home away from home while I am in Washington, MO.


barfamilyblog said...

well, you gave us our laugh for the evening! poor little ole jason~we feel your pain. please keep the updates coming. we want to know what you do all day!=0)

Nanny & Papa said...

Way to come in there J! These gals have nothing on you. Come on down next Saturday and we'll see Vandy play. ha


uhlsfam said...

You crack me up Mr. Uhls! Thanks for showing us the job site. It's quite familiar to the one in Franklin! That hotel doesn't look too shabby either!

We miss you bunches. Riley keeps asking, "Where daddy go?" - we love you sooo much!