Tuesday, January 17, 2006

We are back in Mountain Home!

We got up and started packing up, after another great breakfast. They had the best coffee there!

Riley and McKenna just loved playing on the luggage carts while we got all our stuff together. That took awhile! Check out how cute they are!

Last night after I blogged, I walked in the room and this is what I saw. They were watching the movie Robots in style. I think McKenna liked it as much as Riley does. Thank you Nana for that movie (oh, and I think DD liked it just as well!).

We made our way back to Boise, ID. It was a beautiful drive. As we made our way down the mountain the snow disappeared. We were hoping that Boise and Mountain Home at least got some snow, but no such luck. To make the drive shorter, I READ, yes, that was Melanie read to DD for a change. hehe. I know, you're impressed Muri. I'm reading Odd Thomas (Koontz) and it's living up to it's title for sure!

We got to Boise and decided it was time to eat. The fam gave me the decision, so guess what I chose? You got it - ON THE BORDER - again! There were no complaints though. I miss that restaurant so bad!!! DD ran in and got a Costco card before we ate so that we can go back this week and get some pita chips - we are missing our snacking staple. DD had some for us as pillow presents, but we've already scarfed down those bags. I know, sad.

After eating at OTB, we went to the mall and walked off the meal. Boise has a really nice mall - the girls and the babes were great but were ready to get home. So, we set our sails for Mountain Home. We got here and trashed DD's house again. It's amazing how much McKenna and Riley can get out in such a short amount of time. It's crazy! We had popcorn (DD makes the BEST popcorn) - here's a picture of everyone enjoying it. We had to get the girls in the bed earlier tonight b/c they have to go to school tomorrow. We're all a bit sad about that.

Riley loves it here - it's always fun to have new toys to play with - and McKenna seems to know just what he'd like to play with. Here is a picture of him being animated about something - who knows what!!! I think McKenna had just left him to go brush her teeth!

After getting them all in bed, Riley and McKenna decided that it would be fun to sleep in the same bed. Check them out. HILARIOUS! I'm sure you know that that lasted just a few minutes. They are now safe and sound, asleep, in their separate beds.

Love it, love it, love it!

DD has also posted some different pictures on her blog. If you have time, go and check it out.


ps. I forgot to post this picture - I thought it was so cute - check out the robe on papa. The picture was taken before the last trip to the pool!

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