Sunday, January 15, 2006

Cascade, ID


Yesterday we made our way through Boise and to Cascade, ID to the resort, The Ashley Inn. It was a beautiful drive - the further we got up the mountians the more snow we saw. We stopped and Leigha and Anna Brooke got out and made some snowballs with the first true snow mounds that we saw! The roads didn't get slick though, so that was nice.

Here is a picture of the place we are staying (the one above). It is beautiful! We were treated to a "southern" dinner last night, pot roast, carrots and potatoes, followed by an apple caramel tart topped with vanilla bean ice cream. DELICIOUS! Oh, and the funniest part - they serve fresh cookies and milk at 8pm each night. So much for staying off sugar this New Year!

They also have a swimming pool here and a jacuzzi. We have some pictures of the kiddos, but we used DD's camera and we don't have the installation CD for it, so we'll have to post those once we get back to Mountain Home. OH, and the BEDS here are awesome!!! Jason, it's almost as good as the Heavenly Bed, if you can believe it. We have a picture of the room, but again, it's on DD's camera!

We woke up this morning to 3 inches of beautiful snow. It's like a winder wonderland! Here's a picture for you of that! We had a buffet style breakfast and it was yummy! We are now on our way to the pool. Leigha is telling me to go NOW! So, we'll log off for now!

Love you all!

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