Saturday, January 14, 2006

We've had an eventful day today! We (Riley and I) slept in until 8:30am (well, because he was up at 5:30am thinking it was time to get up - and it was, in LEX). So, we were a bit lazy. The girls had to go to school today so they were gone by the time we but up, but got out at 1:30pm for some reason :-). We liked that!!!

Before they came home we went to the BX and had a good time shopping around there. Riley and McKenna rode a horsie ride outside the store. It was hilarious and I wish I had my camera with me b/c it bucked them so hard they were hanging on to that horse like nothing else. They weren't scared though - it was FUN!!!

We also got our official passes today and what a fiasco that was. Not that the process was bad or lengthy, but there was a lady that was in line before us that had had a stroke a few days before and she was NOT feeling well. They ended up having to call an ambulance. It was so sad. She had a little boy in the car with her (we found out after the ambulance left) and he was so upset. They called his daddy and finally he came to take him home. It was the saddest thing...

Ok, on a lighter note - mom and I saw a fighter plane land today. That was cool. It looked kind of like the Top Gun movie planes. We've heard them flying, but it's not an annoying sound, it's like a loud sleep mate (and those of you who know us well know that that is a comforting sound).

Speaking of comforting, we all "rested" for an hour or so today. The babies took a whopping 3 hour nap - they were sleepy! Then, we went to... okay, the most exciting part of the day... ON THE BORDER!!!!! We drove to Boise and ate at my favorite restaurant - it was delicious!!! The kiddos were wonderful and we played the game "monkey" on the way home. We were laughing our heads off.

So now we are settled down, kids and mom and dad are asleep, and guess what DD and I are doing! Playing scrabble back and forth (hehe!).

Okay, we'd better wrap it up. I'll give you some pics of the craziness of the day... More tomorrow :-).

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