Friday, January 13, 2006


Riley was an angel on the trip out here. We couldn't have asked for better behavior, which was wonderful. We took a good nap for the first two hours on the plane from Atlanta to Boise, ID. Here's a picture -- he was OUT!

When we arrived in ID we were surprised to have the entire family at the airport to greet us (except for Steve who is in Alabama for chaplin schooling). We all got a little teary-eyed, well, shoot, I did. It was so good to see the three girlies and DD. I think we've talked non stop since we've been here.

McKenna and Riley immediately decided they were best friends again. McKenna is in Riley's pjs and Riley is in McKenna's. I know Jason, don't kill us for posting a picture of your boy in girlie pj's. Now, granted, they are mostly BLUE!

DD has done a great job decorating this house - we are all cozy and feel at home. We LOVE it, love it, love it. We already had to get a temporary ID to even get on the base, so we already feel special :-).

More later - we've got to go to bed!

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pottsfamily said...

I'm so glad Riley did good on the plane. That could have been stressful. I'm very glad you are all safe and very very happy. Enjoy this special time you have.

We miss you!

PS tell the girls and dd we said hi!