Monday, October 04, 2010


well, let's see - once again it has been quite awhile since posting... :-)

what's going on with the uhls family? well, a lot of this and a lot of that! riley is loving 1st grade and has now acquired a love of basketball (aunt dd, know you will LOVE that!). his teacher is mrs. mcclure and riley found out a few weeks in that they share the same birthday. made his YEAR! :-) reed is doing well in his first year of nursery school. his teacher is mrs. kimberly and she says, "so far, so good!" he is quite the trooper and on MOST days, he is excited about going!

jason is doing well too - hasn't been traveling as much - for which the boys and i are so thankful. we have been so SPOILED to have him here with us... we like it A.LOT! :-) his job in arizona is on hold until about january, but in the meantime he has been working on some bids for "things" in chattanooga. we would love that!

i have started a new bible study - BSF - and we are studying Isaiah and it has been soooo good. jason is studying jeremiah, so it's fun to be studying "similiar" books. I also have started volunteering in riley's classroom on tuesdays while reed is at school. last week was my first week and I will be going back tomorrow. it is sooo fun to be in there and mrs. mcclure is so nice to have something specific for me to do! i also have been praying about giggles and company - whether to continue that - or phase it out. i haven't had a clear answer yet to that - so in the meantime, jason had the great idea that i could use it for a *kingdom* purpose. so, we (and i use that term loosely b/c it was mostly his great idea) came up with this:

it is a set of notecards - just simple thank you's or thinking of you, or whatever you could use them for - and the proceeds - all of it - will go to renovating the old richmond road mall to be southland christian church's next campus. this campus is going to be the hands and feet of jesus in an area of lexington that rarely gets any positive attention. so... if you want a way to be involved, here is a small way in which you can :-)

so, on another note... i was thinking it was time for the QUESTIONS to return!!! so... post back with your answers and i will do the same!

1. what is your favorite part about fall?
2. if you could go on a mission trip, where would it be and why?
3. what are your favorite jeans?
4. so you leave your toilet LID (not seat) up or down when not in use?
5. do you give your kids chocolate milk?
6. regular ruled or college ruled paper?
7. facebook, twitter, or neither?
8. do you like the kleenex with lotion?

let me hear from you!!!!

and just a sweet picture from a stroll down memory lane...


Us! said...

1. what is your favorite part about fall?
the smells (cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, ginger and apples boiling on my stove right now!) and the cool air.

2. if you could go on a mission trip, where would it be and why?
ooooh, good one. somewhere that my girls could go, at least the big 2, maybe kenna too. sk wouldn't remember much of it so maybe she shouldn't go. somewhere that would make a big impact on them and grow a grateful heart in all of them, as well as myself! somewhere that would help children, and if i could bring one back with me then the more the merrier!!

3. what are your favorite jeans?
the only ones i have that fit. they are a pair of lee jeans i bought at vanity fair in pigeon forge so many years ago...on our first sunday school gatlinburg trip with fbcg. sad isn't it? SO out of style.

4. so you leave your toilet LID (not seat) up or down when not in use?
usually up, unless i'm sitting on it to brush someones teeth, or irrigate sk's nose over the tub. don't know why she wants to do it there. it's lower than the sink so she doesn't need a stool???

5. do you give your kids chocolate milk?
sometimes, if they ask for it, but not on a regular basis.

6. regular ruled or college ruled paper?
oh regular. college is too skinny. don't like to have to write that small.

7. facebook, twitter, or neither?
no twitter. facebook as rarely as possible. i lose chunks of time and come out in a daze when i get on there. too many rabbits to chase.

8. do you like the kleenex with lotion?
only for blowing, and even then only when i've had to blow so much that my poor nose looks like those on the kleenex commercials. red and shiny and raw. not for any other purposes. kinda slimy.

i'm glad these are back! yay mel! reading the comments makes me laugh.

Us! said...

now for my regular comments....that picture of the boys cracks me up. reed looks so different but so the same! how is that possible?? and you tell riles that i am SUPER proud to have at least one family member that likes basketball. leigha is telling me that she may not play this year b/c she likes volleyball more!! i think she just likes wearing those skimpy shorts! ha!

uhlsfam said...

1. what is your favorite part about fall? I LOVE THE FALL SCENTED CANDLES - HAVE HARVEST GOING RIGHT NOW!
2. if you could go on a mission trip, where would it be and why? HAITI - JUST B/C I HAVE PEOPLE IN MY LIFE WHO KNOW FAMILIES THERE. WOULD GO WITH RILEY IN A HEARTBEAT.
4. so you leave your toilet LID (not seat) up or down when not in use? UP
5. do you give your kids chocolate milk? YES
6. regular ruled or college ruled paper? COLLEGE RULED - FOR SURE!!!
8. do you like the kleenex with lotion? NO!!!!

kitzkazventure said...

OK, first of all, love your philanthropic idea or was it Jason' it. sad if you would give up giggles but know some more...ummm, really Kool Kaz charities that could use some similar type cards to sell...just sayin. Will you still do refill orders....
Second, these questions crack me up and I LOVE seeing you at BSF...You gotta love some judgement and grace.

1. what is your favorite part about fall? LOVE the sound of crunchy leaves the smells too but candles can give me a headache...prefer some type of pumpkin bread, apple cider/mulling spice thing on or in the stove. Apples farms and Apples.

2. if you could go on a mission trip, where would it be and why?
Kaz of course to deliver those beds you helped purchase but we may be on Mission Ecuador when they go....We plan to go on many more if we can but not in an adoptive way...just to give some love away not our whole life savings! ;)
3. what are your favorite jeans? ones that fit and dont have a big hangin crotch...I had a pair of Levi's and Eddie Bauer ones that I loved in the single years somehow they don't fit in the marriage years.
4. so you leave your toilet LID (not seat) up or down when not in use? up

5. do you give your kids chocolate milk? not at home but sometimes out

6. regular ruled or college ruled paper? totally college

7. facebook, twitter, or neither? Facebook and blogging although I have been almost too busy for both

8. do you like the kleenex with lotion? only if I have a cold or sinus infection

love you!

Robyn said...

My first blog comment - are you so proud?
1. Favorite part of fall? - wearing shorts and sweaters together - I don't know why, I guess it goes back to my preppy days in college.
2. Mission trip? Hmm... right now I am trying to think of Lexington as my mission field - maybe a trip to Walmart can be my mission. Remind me to tell you the story of "judy the cashier".
3. Jeans? My old pair from Old Navy - actually the outlet, cause ya know, I only paid $7 for them!
4. Toilet lid? Down, because I have sat down in the dark when it is up... too many times I have ended up with a wet bum.
5. Chocolate milk? Not usually, he doesn't like it. Wierd kid! I loved it as a kid with a dollup of vanilla ice cream
6. Paper? College ruled for sure... you can fit more on a page. But, who really uses paper anymore?
7. Facebook or Twitter? - I haven't tried twitter - don't know who I care about enough to "follow". I go through phases with facebook - but, waste too much time.
8. Kleenex? - no way... the lotion makes me break out (even more than normal). I like puffs plus... but, they must be discontinuing them, I can't find them anywhere! Wah!

Sheryl said...

Here are my answers:

1. My favorite part of fall is the cooler weather and the colors of the trees.
2. If I could go on a mission trip it would be to Colorado. I lived there for 8 years and I would love to see it again.
3. I think their LEEs. Really not sure. Unless you're talking about people...then that would be my Mom, Jean Gordon.
4. Up.
5. Daughter loves chocolate milk but she makes it herself. I mean, she is 21 years old.
6. College ruled, I think.
7. Facebook.
8. Yes, so soft.

Jamie said...

Well, I have read your blog TONS of times to pretend I am in KY with you... I just am usually eating my cereal and can't post a comment at the same time. hehehe...

1-What do I like about Fall? smell of Fall, pumpkin bread, the feel of jeans after a summer of wearing shorts, color of the leaves

2-Mission Trip...
I've been to Ecuador on a mission trip. It would be neat to take my family back there. However, I think God has currently placed us on a mission trip here in Dallas. We look forward to see how He can and will use us!

3-My fav jeans?
GAP long and lean - extra long, the second wear after being out of the dryer - not too tight, not too loose

4-Toilet seat??
Is there a question? DOWN!! Why would you want to look in your toilet all day or risk things falling in there? A pet peeve of mine is when I am looking at pictures of houses online and they have a pic of their bathroom with the toilet seat up. Come on!!

5-As for chocolate milk, yes, if we have it but I consider it a sweet so...not often.

6-College-ruled paper!
My handwriting is much neater that way. However, when I was teaching elementary school, I always had my kiddos use wide-ruled - more age appropriate.

7-Social sites?
I blog but that's it. I tried Facebook but got too stressed about who wanted to be friends...and it took to much time!

8-Kleenex with tissues?
I think the concept is cool but I don't like the feel. I especially don't like those tissues with the little blue dots in them. What's the deal with that???