Thursday, August 12, 2010


Well, today was the day.

Today was the day our oldest walked in to first grade. And he did great.

If you remember my post a year ago - man, it was t.o.u.g.h. And this year, well, pretty much the same. I revisited my journal entry that first day of Kindergarten and of course the tears just came a rolling. Not because I was upset really, but because the emotion of it all was still so fresh that I could feel it again.

But what I came away with was this - we sure did have a lot of answered prayers during Riley's last year of school. Right down to having "some kind" (as I put it in my journal) of a connection with Riley's teacher that we met for the first time at open house (we continually to be blessed with her friendship). And I am confident that it has a something to do with the fact that I gave Riley to HIM afresh after that first day of kindergarten, and after talking with my dear friend Jamie tonight, I am going to do that again shortly after closing this posting. As parents, we sometimes get preoccupied with our schedules, our busy lives and just those silly to-do lists that I always make.

And we forget.

Forget that we need to be intentional.

Especially when sending our kids out from under our direct protection. (Thank you DD, for that reminder today, as well.)

So, Jason and I sat down and thought of ways to specifically pray for Riley during this first grade school year. It was fun to get our ideas together and it opened up a great conversation for what we feel is important for him. It's so fun to think that we will be on the same page each and every day as we are praying for our son.

We may not get them all covered each and every day... but it will surely get us started.

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