Tuesday, May 13, 2008


Per request of Leigha - I'm updating the blog :-).
Here are a few videos for you.. the first one - please pardon the milk on the face of reed - he had just taken a HUGE gulp!

and this one is one of riley stealing the show - what a dancer!!! i laugh out loud each time i watch it - i have NO IDEA where he got those moves!!! :-)

Thursday is Riley's last full day of preschool and to be honest he's fine with it. I almost had to beg him to go today. I think he's ready to just hang in his pjs in the morning. He has done so well and made some good, good pals AND he doesn't care to write his name now. THAT's HUGE!

We also have a huge thing to report - Reed has been off of all medicines for about a month now - and he is doing so well!!! Well, except for the ear infections (yes, both ears) that we can't seem to get rid of. We're praying this round of antibiotics works.

Jason is getting ready for the job in CA to begin full force. So far he is enjoying the assignment and learning tons!!! He's off on his annual golf trip tomorrow and we'll see him next with the tannest feet you'll ever see! Yes, he has golfing sandals. And we are all excited about the Barfields coming THIS MONTH!!! I cannot wait to hug them all!!! Let me know how you all are doing!


Kristina said...

So good to see you and make the connection with Melinda! Enjoyed your update and after reading Dannette's blog and stealing her idea, I have finally posted an update on ours -- Jason should be thrilled! How funny when Shannon and I tried to go to the Waverly Park and couldn't figure out why it was locked at the drive -- they have taken out the playground equipment. You will have to meet us at the Harrods Hills park sometime, K

Mary Beth said...

That was stinkin' hilarious! Reed's finish and Riley's loosey goosey moves were cracking me up. Reed is looking very blond these days; can't wait to see in person. Hooray for school getting out and the Barfields coming this way!

pottsfamily said...

I'm sooooo glad to see a new post. I was missin' ya. The boys are so cute dancing. I love it. Where did Riley get those moves???? Interesting. WE also can't wait to see the Barfield's. Yeah!

beth spray said...

mel - we have the same animal barn on our fridge and i think reed and bennett must have taken dance lessons together!!! too funny!! as for riley - he's got it goin' on!
i, too, can not wait to see the barfields,the uhls, and the deans!!!

Sampsons said...

Okay, funnier than the dancing is your commentary. Especially the singing. Love it!!

Kristina said...

Comment #2 -- I didn't watch the videos last time but now I have -- love them. Reed is adorable, love the burp at the end! Riley is getting so big (and handsome too!) Be on the look out, Libby's school program is Tuesday night so I will try to post a clip soon thereafter. Then we are both out of school and like Riley are looking forward to having our whole days to do whatever! K

Dana said...

how adorable!!
how i am missing the fun at nanny's!!!
not much longer now!!
can't hardly wait to see ALL of you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!