Friday, May 30, 2008


Hey all! Just wanted to post some pictures of the happenings around here :-). DD, Steve, and the girls got in last week and we are enjoying their visit so, so much. Right now the 'rents are in Hawaii and McKenna is here in LEX with me and the boys. Nanny and Papa have the big girls and Sara Kate. We're joining up again tonight! Riley and McKenna have had some fun play times!!! Here are some pictures for you! This is the first night here - they wanted to wear their matching pjs. So cute!

This is a picture of them having a picnic. We've had one every day for lunch - too funny! McKenna found this Hawaiian shirt in Riley's closet (he has two of different colors) and she has picked to wear one or the other each day. I wonder why??? :-) Also, Riley has been picking her pants - so one day he picked camo pants for her to wear. That was hilarious!!! :-)

And here we have the breakfast of champions this morning!!!

And last but not least is their quick nap yesterday before the tball game. They asked to watch a show after playing sooooo hard in the blow up slide/pool. They were exhausted!!!

Ok, that's it from here. DD leave a comment if you're able to view. We LOVE YOU!


Dana said...

how sweet are they!!!
and how great that they got to spend quality time together!
can't hardly wait for MY quality time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
see y'all soon!!!

Dana said...

how sweet are they!!!
and how wonderful that they were able to spend quality time together!
can't wait for MY quality time!!!!!
see y'all soon!!!

Kristina said...

I'm not DD but I'll post! Love looking at the pictures. Please continue to bear with me, I do have pictures to post but was foiled when I attempted to download them. I shall try again this weekend! Hope we can meet up at Waverly sometime soon to check out the new digs, K

Mary Beth said...

What special cousin bonding time. It can't be beat! We are looking forward to seeing you soon.

Reeves said...

Thank you for the pictures! I was wondering how everyone was on the trip! They are so cute!!!! :)
Think DeeDee will post some from her Hawaii trip ? ;)

The Barfield's said...

OH MY WORD! How can she look so old in just a few days! Are you saying I need to bring her home a hawaiian shirt???? HA! Guess where i am typing this from.......the apple mac store in the ala moana shopping center down the street. it is AWESOME! I bet i'll be getting a mac in the not so far off future. the salesman is totally talking my hubby into it with all the video stuff. =0) hehehehe! Thank you for posting. I love it. keep it coming since I know where to come check. Thank you SO much for making my girlie happy. She isn't going to want to go home without riley!

The Barfield's said...
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