Wednesday, April 09, 2008


ok, so, i had this daunting responsibility hanging over me - the taxes for my little business. i've been sooooo dreading it - i'm happy to report that they are finished - and while i should be getting in bed, i'm going to stay up and celebrate a bit longer!

i've found this fun business that i just ordered from - i was invited to a party and could not attend, but thought the concept was too cool. just browse that website - FUN! AND the application was as easy as they claim it was - well, my project we pretty small, but still... so, what i purchased went above each of the boys rooms - i think they turned out great!!!

and THIS riley and i cannot get enough of!!!


and last, but not least, is another video for you... i am so sorry that it is a sideways video - but it was too precious not to share! since the purchase of the wii we have hooked it up to the internet and are enjoying a lot of the youtube videos/music on the big screen. one of the boys favorite things to do is to put music videos on there and dance. so, i was trying to get reed dancing and i did, a little, but what was more precious is what he did after he danced. what a memory!!!

that's all for now - for those of you all that don't know, the hubs is now on a job assignment in sacramento, california. he will be traveling quite a bit. however, it is on the western part of the US where we do have some pretty special family!!! woo hoo!


Reeves said...

What is your e-mail address? I want to pick your brain on the whole "I was sneaky today! Were you?" thing.......can ya help? :)

Dana said...

how adorable!!

The Barfield's said...

too bad sacrement is still so far from idaho. =0( here's to hoping you at least get a good visit with angela out of the deal! as for the dancing...the sweetness is killing me!!! you are just all too far away! love the names over the doors too. might have to check into that! (and who is kijar took me to some virus scan thing????)

pottsfamily said...

I love the names. That is a cool font. Caroline has watched Reed dancing a tons of times and keeps laughing. It is so cute. Can't wait to see pics from ball.

Mary Beth said...

love that dancin'! When I really need a good laugh, I search laughing babies on you tube. It always works!