Sunday, March 30, 2008


i thought i would take this opportunity to blog some things that we're enjoying about the boys right now :-).

1. for the first time ever last week he asked jason to scratch his back. usually when we try to do that he runs away. he just leaned over to him in the middle of dinner and said, "hey dad, will you scratch my back?" LOVE IT!
2. we ask him daily... riley, if you had one wolf and then another one came along, what would you have? he replies with... two wolfeseses. we corrected him to say it right, but then said, nay, we like it better this way!!!
3. lately when i say something like - oh, riles, we don't want to do that b/c it might break, he replies with, "well that's okay with me." as if, oh, let's just do it anyway!!!
4. he is loving to dress up like jason in shorts and an all white t-shirt. does that adoration of the daddy ever go away? i sure hope not!
5. he is so excited about summer and keeps asking if we can get the pool out yet - HELLO! it's the cheap $5 hard plastic one from wal-mart. what's so fun about that???
6. he and his daddy have been going on "adventures" around the creek. they just set off walking and come back about 45 mintues later with so many stories to tell. so sweet!
7. he LOVES the waffles from WM and calls them "the ones like aunt DD had, i want those!"
8. he is really getting in to books and "reading" them to me. he'll have quiet time and sometimes just "read" books the whole time!!!
9. just today i was reading him a book and he was repeating everything i was saying except much, much, much louder... i was getting a bit annoyed b/c i couldn't read the book smoothly, then he said i wasn't reading it right b/c of the exclamation point after every word. well, he was right!!!! when you tell them something once, they remember... how does that happen and then when you say, don't throw anything but a ball in the house he somehow "forgets?" :-)
10. he's always asking "e-i-l-l-e-i, what does that spell?" i think b/c we are spelling in front of him more b/c you know those little ears are always listening!!!
11. this one LOVES wearing hats - just loves it. if you know any proven articles relating to wearing hats and early baldness, please pass them on...
12. he's a GREAT big brother!!! he plays so well with reed and is, most of the time, cautious... yes, we have had our share of him pushing reed down or sitting on him. but overall, he's so sweet to reed and they are beginning to chase each other around the house and play ball!!!

1. he LOVES the ducks and gets so very excited when he sees them! he yells duck, duck, duck, and points and makes sure that you see it too! so fun!
2. outside, at first, was a challenge with this little one... he LOVES eating sticks and dirt... so, i saw that old plastic car that we had for riles that has the long handle on it, well, we got that out and buckle him in and we can go anywhere!!! he loves it outside as much as his brother does!
3. he yells for riley like "iley" - "iley" - sooooo cute!
4. this one knows no danger - he is a climber and he tries to fall down the stairs for fun. what in the world??? he falls about a million times a day - oh and he wants to walk the first thing in the morning and he looks like he's drunk!!! it's the funniest thing!!!
5. when we change his diaper, he always crosses one leg over the other leg - and it's always the right let over the left... always! (see below)
6. he LOVES mandarin oranges
7. he's signing more, light, please, and all done.
8. great sleeper like his brother - still taking two naps a day...
9. gave the first kiss on demand today sitting in red robin - i just leaned over and said, can i have a kiss and he leaned back and gave me a serious smooth. sweetness.
10. he's learned what an elephant says - raises his arm and makes an elephant noise - AND he loves snakes and makes the ssssssssss sound!
11. reedles also loves books - he'll now go pick out a book and "back up" to you to sit on your lap so you can read it to him. precious. he really likes books with animals in them - our friends nico and lauen just gave him some maisey lift the flap books and they are now his favorite.
12. he still sucks two of his fingers... it's always the ring and middle finger. no passy for this one... OH, and some of you have asked about his belly. we are slowly weaning him off the compounded medicine and the prevacid. i can't remember the last time he's had an episode... he eats just about anything and is very messy at it... see above...- well, except black beans... doesn't like them yet, but even though i don't care for them, i'll still try to get him to try them :-). thank you so much for your continued prayer and concern. he's doing so, so good!

this is just a sweet picture i wanted to share - jason and riley were playing outside and riley came out with... anna brooke's name has 10 letters - just out of the blue. so, he asked jason to write her name. yes, riles loves his cousins!!!

on another note... this is a picture of sgt. timothy mcguire. he's the brother of our dear friend ruth. timothy is now in afghanistan as a paratrooper and he's going to be doing some pretty serious stuff. please keep him in your prayers when you lift up the military. he's the youngest of the family and they all are missing him so very much...


Kristina said...

So sweet, all the memories! K

The Barfield's said...

you are such a good mom. thank you for sharing what the boys are into for those of us who are to stinkin far away to know. i have to say that is really the only gripe i have about military life so far. Oh, and deployments. =0) we will be home in only 54 days! tell riley that i'll bring waffles. that almost made me cry that he remembered that. and tell reedles that i love his leg crossing. sara kate just tries to flip over! she told me STOP for the first time on the changing table tonight. she REALLY didn't want to lay still and let me finish RE-diapering her. after the first diaper and pajamas got soaked b/c she climbed back into the tub after i put them on her. have i said the girl loves bathtime? she askes almost every night at dinner 'bath?' and when i say yes, she wants to go RIGHT THEN! and runs all the way once she is out of the highchair yelling 'bath bath bath' all the way to the tub. hilarious. gonna call you in the morning....

nanny & papa said...


Reeves said...

Well girl, it's Tabitha......Your boys are the cutest! And I can say that cause I have all girls.
I got your comment on my babyfood. Let me tell ya, I have been sneaky chef'in it all the time now! It is kinda a game....what can i add in and how much before they notice. They eat it up eveytime!
I want to start a new blog called "I was sneaky today! Were you?" a place where we can all share ideas on how to be sneaky with our veggies. Yes?