Sunday, September 23, 2007


Well, well, well, I can't believe that it's been a few weeks since I posted. Amazing how the time flies!!! I'll post a few pictures of the highlights of the weeks that have passed and in the process fill you in on what's been going on in the Uhls household...

We celebrated Jason and mom's birthday a few weekends ago in BG - we got an ice cream cake from Dairy Queen and ate and ate and ate - it was delicious!!!

We also got to visit with the entire Bennett family, which was a treat! Here is a recent picture of Josie - she's getting so big!!! Elly and Riley played well together - I have a few pictures of them, but missed the best one - of Elly coming down from the playroom in our old courderoy packers cheerleading outfit and Riley in a fancy coat that our cousin David used to wear. They were precious! :-) Thanks to them for coming over and hanging out all Sunday afternoon with us! We love you!

The next weekend I was off to Gatlinburg for a "surprise" birthday weekend for a friend of mine. Haven't been to Gatlinburg in so very long!!! It was wonderful and we have so, so many memories from the trip - one of which is to never go to Gatlinburg the first or second weekend of September or you'll run in to the worst traffic you have ever seen in your life! It's the weekends for the muscle car show. It didn't really effect us much, we had a cabin up in the hills and hiked and rode horses (that's me with the white jacket on), so we didn't do the shopping and all the other stuff usually associated with Gatlinburg - good thing! It was a refreshing and rejuvenating weekend for me - I think God's been trying to tell me a few things and it wasn't until that weekend that I slowed down enough to listen. It was very, very good. Thanks to Jason's mom for coming up and helping Jason hold down the fort :-). They had a great time as well!!!

Oh, and this INJURED video was a take away from the weekend... something about this little boy reminds us of Riley - I don't know if it's the expression, the way he's using his hands or what, but Jason and I laugh so hard each time we see it!!! Sorry if you've seen it before :-).

That brings us up to this weekend - which was action packed! We had the carnival at Riley's preschool and he thought it was so cool! They did have some fun prizes!

We then ended up being in the creek for most of the rest of the weekend - well, let me clarify that... Jason and Riley ended up in the creek! They did a lot of cleaning it up - along with our neighbor, Linda. What fun memories for a little boy to have. We are truly blessed...

And, last but not least, sweet picture of our Reed. As some of you know, we've had a tough week with Reed this week - a teary one for me. Reed's reflux has stepped it up a notch and no matter what combination we've tried, he just hasn't been very happy and hasn't been able to keep anything down. No solid food, much less any milk. So, I wanted to capture some of his happy moments and here they are. He has such a sweet dispostion - I cannot imagine how it would be if he weren't a sweet natured child to begin with. Thank you, DD, for the painful conversation to bring me back to reality and let me know that it will all be OK. I love you and miss you so much... You are amazing.

That's it from here - no cool stuff to have you respond with - I'm pooped! :)


Dee Dee said...

I love all this pictures of the boys! they are soooo cute!
just thought I would point out, that picture where you are the one in the white shirt, everyone in the picture has on a white shirt :O) thought that was kinna funny.
love you guys!

Mac said...

Doug had that reflux business. His was a 'launch'. He got over it though and is still making up for lost meals. Only problem was being in front of him and it did stunt his growth.

Dana said...

what a pretty baby boy reed is!!
hate to hear about his tummy problems... didn't realize it was THAT bad!
i'm sure dd testified that this too shall pass... amen!!
hang in there, babe!

roof said...

I LOVE the last picture of Reed! So adorable! Is he doing better with keeping the food down? He is a good aim... :) I was impressed that we all three managed to get hit on Saturday night...:) I do love your sweet little boys...they are so precious!

Mary Beth said...

I'm so sorry to hear that Reed is having a tough time. He is such a cutie. I love that second picture.

The Barfield's said...

that last picture of reed looks like sara kate! i don't know what it is. do you see it at all? i am so glad you have figured out something that is working. yayyayyay! AND, we got sara kate's bday present today and it is SO CUTE it almost brought tears to my eyes. probably b/c for so long she was so difficult and i am just so thankful that she has become such a better baby and so fun to be with that she really truly is (one of) the key(s) to my heart! see you next month!!! =0)