Tuesday, July 31, 2007


This weekend I traveled to Mobile, Alabama for the USTA Southern's Tennis Tournament. It was so odd to be flying and to be staying in a hotel all by myself!!! Mom and Dad came to stay with the boys (Jason, Reed and Riley) and they had a great time! Wanted to post some pictures of the weekend - the first is a picture of freckleland (Yasemine, Michelle and Me). These were the ladies that I had the priviledge of playing doubles with this weekend. That's a lot of freckles, isn't it???

The next two pics are from the restaurant where we had dinner one of the nights. The first is of a battleship, of which you can take tours and fun stuff like that, and the second one is of the beautiful sunset in Mobile! We had an enjoyable dinner with Heather and her sweet, sweet family. Even though it took them hours to get our food to us, it was nice to get to visit with everyone and to hear some funny stories! Thanks for the memories gals!

That's all from Alabama. It was a very quick trip!!! We didn't win, but we sure had a good time and had some great exercise!!!

I also wanted to post some pictures of Reed - he just loves bathtime - I think he would stay in there as long as Riley does. AND, he doesn't scream when we take him out. Riley used to do that and we could never figure out if he didn't like the cold, didn't want to get dressed, or what. So, it's nice to have a smiling boy after bathtime as well!!!

Okay, now for something fun!!! Kristina, I'm taking your suggestion of a poll - so let's see how it works!!! No looking in a dictionary allowed (for those of you who had to take achievement tests in high school, you will have a great advantage!) hehe :-). I don't even think these are real words - at least I couldn't find them in my dictionary! The questions are to the right!!!


Kristina said...

I love it! Boy does that bring back memories! I think it worked great -- thanks for trying it out and you do get to see what everyone answered. I love keeping up this way but I do hope we get to see each other at Shannon's on some Fridays. The kids had a great times but I think the Mommies had a better time catching up with each other. TTFN, kml

Shawn said...

Mel - I loved the poll. All of those CTBS test from elementary school came flooding back. I loved the pics from the lunch bunch dinner too. Hope to see you all again soon!

Dana said...

love the poll!
you think of the coolest things!!