Monday, June 11, 2007

Well, today brings good news! Ashley had her sweet baby girl yesterday - and all are doing well. Josie was 7 pounds and 1 ounce and was 5 days early (from c-section date). I got to go and visit with Ashley and Josie this morning and you so forget (even with a 3 month old) how small newborns are! Mom and baby look great!

Riley and McKenna went swimming and they got cold, so they both put on camo undies. Then, they decided it would be fun to eat popsicles and act like visitors to Nanny's house. So, this is them on the front porch after they knocked on the door and pretended to be Silas and Alice - HILARIOUS!

Also found out something interesting about my sister. She is the jelly bean EXPERT! She knows all the combinations to make a yummy recipe out of the flavors of the jelly beans. Pretty cool - she made me a mochalatte last night :-). So for those of you that pass by the jelly bean bowl and just grab a handful (that's me!) - well, that's just not right!

Anna B and Riley had a tea party - here they are drinking the last of the "tea" - it was actually Diet Pepsi :-).

This is a picture of Riley hugging McKenna, which makes McKenna's heart happy b/c Riley usually is following Anna Brooke around all day long.

Here the girls are making a band - AFTER Leigha made fun of me and Riley doing that exact thing at home with a kazoo and a harmonica. We just had to be creative b/c we didn't have any real instruments readily available!

And, here is Reed's mohawk - his hair is still falling out! :-) Nanny had just rocked him to sleep on the swing on the back porch. I think he's getting a bit spoiled!!!

Here is Riley with a wristband on that Nanny and Papa wear at night when they go walking. He thought it was cool b/c it would give him big muscles??? Don't know what that was all about... Ok, got to go - Anna Brooke would like for me to help her dress Hanna Montana on - hope I'm up for the task!

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roof said...

Um, it looks like you all are having way too much fun!! Good times! You all have such cute kids! :)