Friday, June 15, 2007

Okay, here's goes a seriously long post. I'm so sorry that I'm about to overwhelm you with pictures, but hey, we've had a fun few days!!! First of all, on Tuesday Dana and her children (DD's pals from White House, TN) came to BG to visit and we had such a blast with them.

Dana's youngest, Leah, is about one month younger than Sara Kate, so it was nice to get to introduce them again!

We went to the park and fed the millions of ducks... there were so many that it was almost freaky (seriously!). But there were some really cute baby ones in the mix...

After having a snack break, the kiddos went back to Nanny's car and turned up the radio - LOUD - and guess what song was on? Those of you who have heard my ringtone know the signifance of this song... push it, push, to the limit, limit... Need I say more.

Then, we came to Nanny and Papa's house and played outside for the rest of the day. The kids were throwing each other in the pool with a beach towel... it was hilarious!

Ok, what else has been going one? We also spent some time at the hotel pool - here's a picture of Reed's first dip in the pool.

We also had the pleasure of visiting with our former across the street neighbors - the Donaldsons and Schlossers. The kids got to play together - we had a lot of fun in the bouncy castle - we even got a stunt show. Sorry, no pictures from that... But here is a picture of Mary Beth holding little Reed - this is the Mary Beth that used to sit at the end of her driveway and she would holler - can Melanie and DeeDee come over and play??? She was the cutest - and still is. We love you and your girls! Can we come see your new upstairs next week before you all leave for FL?

Another highlight of the visit was getting to meet little Dee Dee's (yes, she is our official namesake - Dee Dee Marie) hunk of burning love, Josh. We gave him a really hard time, and Dee Dee helped us out. He's a keeper!

AND today - so FUN - we went to Beech Bend and had a marvelous day! I'll let the pictures speak for themselves; however, i will say that i was so very impressed with dd's 4 year old who rode EVERY ride that they would allow her to ride. she was such the trooper.

And to sum it all up... the statement by McKenna after getting off one of the rides, "THAT WAS AWESOME!"


barfamilyblog said...

I sure miss my family. Great pictures. Thanks for letting me see them.

Dana said...

aaawwww! you are too sweet to include my kids!! we had a blast & they are wearing me out about the next "play day"!!!!!!!!!!!

roof said...

Looks like you all are having sooo much fun!