Monday, June 04, 2007

Well, it's a beautiful morning here - we just got back from our first walk in the double jogging stroller and it was very fun! Here is a picture of the boys. They did great! Riley had to take his big boy bat. He and dad got that while they had a daddy/son trip to Target. It was probably inspired by Nick who has hit THREE homeruns this season. You go Nick! Can you give Riley some pointers??? :-)

Mr. Reed is doing great - he's learned how to roll over in the mornings, which was quite surprising - that just always catches you off guard to see them in a different position that when you put them down! I think it scared him :-). We'll see if he continues to do that!

We got a replacement tent - the last one we had got swept away in a big storm... so, here are pictures of the tent event. Girls, you can sleep in that when you come :-).


pottsfamily said...

Riley we love your bat. Nick thinks it is so awesome. Looks like you enjoyed your walk. Reed looks so happy. That is great to see. Glad you had a good weekend.

roof said...

Your boys are too cute! :)