Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Our oldest has made us laugh so much the last two days, so I wanted to share!!!

Two nights ago, Jason put him to bed and we stayed up to watch a movie. When we went upstairs to go to bed, this is what we found... This is not Riley's bed - it's ours!!!!

Then, last night, Jason put him to bed and we were in our bedroom packing for our trip to BG and when we went in around 10pm to give Reed his last bottle, this is what we found.

He doesn't mention it the next day, but I'm wondering what is going through his mind when he is looking for an alternative place to sleep. Where are we going to find him tonight? In his closet??? It's kind of fun!

Yesterday we were also playing "band" where I have a kazoo and he plays the harmonica. We just march around the house and act silly. Well, yesterday, he just stopped playing and looked at me with the biggest smile on his face and he said, Mom, you're funny! If you really knew me, you would know that I think that is the COOLEST thing to hear my son say that - for now I'm funny and not weird - wooo hoo!!!

OH, and we had hail last night - DD, glad I could give you an excuse to say hail :-) in a sentence. You made me laugh!

Hope you all enjoy this sunny Wednesday!

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Sampsons said...

We measured over 4 inches of hail in one spot in our flower bed!!