Monday, April 30, 2007

we had a great weekend, i hope everyone else did too! we love this sunny weather!!!

jason and riley cleaned out the fish pond this weekend and we wanted to share the clean version of the pond. it looks so much better!!! jason bought a different pump and it's fun b/c it is like a fountain!!!

these are the fishies that we had to take out of the pond while the boys were cleaning it. jason found a BIG frog in there too - we had a good time watching them in riley's aquarium!

we also had some visitors this weekend - baby ducks are here! this momma had 11 we think - wowzers!

ok, just a few more - one is of jason and riley's matching flops - too cute! and the other is of riley's hair after a bath - we sneaked and put some gel in it... hehe! isn't he the cutest??? AND a picture of riley and reed enjoying playing on the floor! hope you all have a great week! love to you all :-).

ps. sorry they are out of order - riles wants to use the computer to "play games", so i need to get off of blogger!

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