Thursday, April 26, 2007

we are having a lazy day today - it's warm but rainy outside. so, i downloaded the rest of the pictures from our camera and there were some cute ones on there to share.

this is reed in the moses basket that angie powers let us borrow. isn't it fun?

this is riley with his "big boy" toolbox that daddy brought home for him. it has real tools in it - a real hammer and all. we've had a few splinters and a few smashed fingers, but they have been worth it. he loves it!

i wish the picture had a time stamp on it. this is what we were doing at 7am the other morning. jason and riley had caught some crawdads and he wanted to go out and check on them first thing. now, they catch something from the creek and add it to the aquarium daily. pretty cool the stuff they come up with :-).

this is them in ACTION!

and the latest - this is for mom and dd - know how we love those little leg rolls - check reed's out from yesterday. I LOVE IT!

hope you all have a great day!

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pottsfamily said...

where to begin. Love all the pictures. I can't believe how big Riley is and how very cute him and Jason look playing in the creek. Reed is just so precious and I can't wait to hold him again. I'm lovin' those rolls(they are kind of small) but a baby roll is a baby roll. Love you all!