Saturday, October 21, 2006

News!! I don't know how many people that read this don't know about our upcoming addition to the family, but I thought I'd post a quick picture of baby boy Uhls #2. He is due to arrive sometime in early March and so far, so good. We are now in the stage of trying to find out where everyone will go and if Riley will keep his current room - we shall see!

This week has been a playful week for us! Nick and Caroline came to visit early this week and here's a picture of them eating lunch with Riley - they were making crazy faces!!! It's so fun to see how they interact now that Riley is a pal instead of a baby - even though Caroline still calls him a baby sometimes! :-)

We also got to visit with Lauren Clay and she is so adorable! Don't they look so cute at the table making a "craft"? Lauren Clay walked around holding JoJo for the longest time. She kept saying the same thing over and over to her - it was the cutest thing! She is walking so good and talking a mile a minute. It's so cute to hear them repeat whatever you say!! Oh, and yes, that is cotton in Riley's nose - we've been battling some nose bleeds - I think it has to do with the heater having to be on for those cold days... I'm just so glad that he doesn't freak out with them any more. What's sad though is when his nose is just runny he thinks it's a bloody nose - poor thing has had more bloody noses than runny noses!!!

At the end of the week we also got to visit with Silas - a friend of Riley's that is just two months younger - so they are in to the same toys, and they both love to clean, especially with a water bottle and flushable wipes! It was hilarious! They also enjoyed hiding together at hide-and-seek - and counting to 10 was the CUTEST thing ever. They didn't get it quite right, but they sure were trying to help each other out! They both played so hard that they had almost three hour naps Friday afternoon - they were pooped! Riley loves having a little boy playmate to hang aroundn with!

That's about it from our camp - we are enjoying this fall weather - OH, to update you on Jason's new assignment - he is working on a JCrew Distribution Center addition in Asheville, NC. It's about to start in full motion, and he is ready to tackle it head on!!!!

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barfamilyblog said...

I love it I love it I love it!!! Thank you so much for adding NEWNESS to the blog! We have had a decent first day here alone. A bit fussy this evening, so we are Slinging! Amy would be proud! May be a permanent fixture this time of day~leaves 2 hands to fix dinner. =0) See you soon! Woohoo!